Omar Khadr should have served youth sentence, Supreme Court rules

The Supreme Court of Canada wasted no time Thursday as it summarily rejected the federal government’s bid to have former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr declared an adult offender.

The case — the third time the Khadr file has come before the high court — centred on whether the eight-year war-crimes sentence he got from a U.S. military commission in 2010 ought to be interpreted as a youth or adult sentence.

  • G

    Oh please! Any predictions how the SCOC will rule on this one?
    The pricks will delay as long as they can and then rule against the conservatives as usual.

    Biased Bev and her collection of harpies & eunuchs will find in favor of little Omar just as they have all along.

    • Censored_EG

      He’s on the tenure track for a full time position at York University or Concordia once an honorary Ph.D. is bestowed upon the little Islamist.

    • They ruled in Omar’s favour.

      • Cheryl

        I can’t wait to see how long it takes for him to start recruiting Canadians to become Jihads. After all how many Muslims are in Canada? I think it is what 1.5 million? You have to wonder how many of them think he is a hero. You only have to look at the number of them protesting for him and it looks like a lot of those are woman and they have how many children that will look up to this piece of crap.

      • occupant 9

        That means Omar will be positioned for a massive payout too. If Arar got $10 mil without having to prove he underwent torture, Omar the Saint will surely clear $50 mil, and then there’s the damages … I’d say Omar will net about $100 mil.

        That should be enough to wage many things.

        • G

          Will it be enough to pay off his bribe promises to the SCOC justices?

  • Censored_EG

    Use one of these and shave your muzzie beard.

  • ontario john

    I hope the trial date doesn’t interfere with his “Order of Canada” ceremony.

    • Censored_EG

      Rick Salutin will see to that, don’t worry!

  • SDMatt

    Or, if freed, he must have to live with one of the Supremes and their families.

  • Clink9

    They will soon be renaming his street in Scarborough after this heroic role model.

    • Censored_EG

      Only a street? I hear Justin Trudeau wants an entire Montreal suburb to be renamed Cote St. Khadr.

      • Clink9

        Think globally, act locally. It’s a start.

    • occupant 9

      You mean they aren’t just renaming Scarborough to Khadrstan?

  • ontario john

    Perhaps the Boston Marathon bomber can come up here and share apt. with Omar. We like terrorists up here. They can go to university together and have fun lunches with Heather Mallick.

  • Alain

    Yet again we see unelected judicial activists making laws which was allowed by the late Pierre Trudeau. With this set-up things can only continue downhill.

  • Ho Hum

    It was a mistake to bring him to Canada to serve his sentence. They should have left him in the control of the Americans. Next we can expect him to sue the Canadian people and he will most likely win.

  • Edubeat

    I usually posts jokes here but this psychopath I only feel spite for..Rehabilitated my ass!