March For Life: “It’s the biggest political march on the Hill every year”

Brian Lilley talked to Campaign Life’s Tania Granic Allen about the goal of March for Life 2015: to send a message to Canadian politicians.

  • Twenty-five thousand people showed up at this event.

    As of this writing, a scant mention of it on the CBC site:

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    This march means nothing since it is just hypocritical. The same people who support pro-life policies are the same ones that support the death penalty, war on demand, and dividing people. Which is why I gave up religion in high school. I knew it was a sham then. It is just a control mechanism. Once you someone believing, they are going to be indoctrinated for life.

    • Hey! Remember when you said that social conservatism was dead? Remember that?

      Did you see that there were twenty-five thousand people there in the nation’s capital? Did you see that?

      • Billy Bob Thornton

        I notice the crowds there but there is a difference between results under social conservatism and how much I view social conservatism as a meaningful movement. I feel social conservatism are just token movements in that you want to abolish gay marriage and then what? I mean gay marriage in itself I really could care less one way or the other. Why is it moral?! I mean is it an Adam and Steve thing that I have seen wagged in the face of many rallies. Or did the bible actually mention that? The same thing goes with outlawing abortion? Do I see it being abolished? I think not since much of today’s politicians have inner movement in their own party, but its main goal is to raise money for the party. The Conservative party is never going down the road of the Republican party which openly wants abortion outlawed and the government not funding it.

        The same thing goes with how I feel about populism. So you rile a few people up and then what?? So they are in your tent and then what? People expect other things besides being part of a party that tells them what they want to hear. The same thing goes with social conservatism.

        People I feel want real meaningful movements and that is why I feel social conservatism and populism based on the political spectrum offer nothing except the people in those movements to protest and sit on their hands.

        Which is why the best way to build a nation is not through populist movements but through real nationalism meaning when the people can get the nation out of the control of the corporate class and seriously focus on improving the lives of the nation itself. That sounds a heck of a lot better than the social conservative movement which has in fact back-tracked since the early 2000’s. No wonder the Republicans aren’t even talking about it these days.

        Which is why every time I go to Wikipedia, they say the best to win elections is by fiscal conservatism rather than social conservatism or populism. They don’t provide much except false hope!

        • Billy Bob Thornton

          The Canadian people are hungry for real alternatives and real change in the form of nationalism which I want!

        • I’ve noticed your change of tone. At first, you dismissed social conservatives as a small, meaningless group fighting battles no one cared about. Now that you can no longer do that, you dismiss it altogether.

          How it must bother you. Trying to be cool about these things when you can’t, I mean.

  • Tom Forsythe

    I just had a Twitter war with Kady O’Malley over her coverage. It ended with me telling her that, since she is obviously pro-choice, I was just happy she kept her shirt on.

  • Gaian

    Stupid motormouth cow! She demands rights for a clump of cells but couldn’t give a damn about the children already here struggling to eat and keep warm. Where are her demands for safe medical care for women instead of back-alley mutilations? What a brain-dead, moronic, propaganda drone.

    Here’s what she really wants: