Jesuit Refugee Service: Europe must take in the Med boat people

Migrants from Africa receive assistance from Italian rescue workers off Italy’s coast (ANSA)

The European Commission introduced a European Agenda on Migration Wednesday – calling for the EU’s 28 member states to take in quotas of migrants and for a crackdown on people smuggling in the Mediterranean, among other measures…

…James Stapleton, international communications coordinator for the Jesuit Refugee Service, says his organization welcomes a proposal that steps up measures to save lives…but the devil is in the details…

…“EU governments were brought together because European publics eventually said,’ we want no more people dying trying to get to Europe.’ It’s a humanitarian catastrophe,” stresses Stapleton. “European leaders thought they could just close their eyes, close the doors and people wouldn’t mind and that wasn’t the case”…

Bad news for the Jesuits: Many Europeans are not interested in them at all. The UK says it will not take any of them.  WTF is the matter with these idiots?  

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    I wonder what the Knights Templar would say?

  • Uh, no.