Italy reports 3,600 migrant rescues in two days

Migrants wait to disembark from tug boat Asso29 in the Sicilian harbour of Pozzallo, southern Italy, May 4, 2015. REUTERS/ANTONIO PARRINELLO

Reuters — Almost 3,600 migrants have been rescued from overcrowded boats sailing from Africa to Europe over the past 48 hours, Italy said on Thursday, with sea conditions seen as perfect for attempting the crossing.

As more than 600 migrants were brought ashore at the port of Catania in Sicily, rescuers plucked another 2,500 from rickety boats off the coast of Libya, the coast guard said.

Most of those who arrived in Catania had been picked up by the British warship HMS Bulwark and were Somali and Nigerian, port officials said.

With Libya engulfed in strife, people smugglers are increasingly free to pack migrants onto unsafe boats, and they are expected to push total arrivals in Italy for 2015 to 200,000, an increase of 30,000 on last year, according to an Interior Ministry projection…

  • Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

    Rescuing Muslims from the ocean,is like looking for terror in the future.

  • eMan14

    These good deeds will not go unpunished.

  • Dana Garcia

    At that rate, 1800 per day x 365 days in a year = 657000 in one year.

    Why won’t millions come? A hundred million Africans. Europe needs to think this thing throughl

  • Linda1000

    It seems Kaplan wasn’t all wrong about what he wrote way back in 1994? Many say his theories are incorrect but if that is true why is Africa emptying out twenty years later.

    • Rosenmops

      I read the title. Too depressed to go further.

  • bob e

    this is horrible .. can’t wait till one of these filthy dark muslims start smashing
    to bits things like ‘david’ ‘pieta’ & the rest of the symbols of spirit that make
    perfection of life the enduring symbols of western man ..

    we must thank barry o’fraud, susan rice, hillary clinton, samatha power, & a cast
    of qataris & muslim scum from all over and last but not least the ever
    destructive EU .. good fookin’ god

  • Rosenmops

    If these savages choose to crowd into dilapidated boats why is this the EU’s concern? If they were prevented from landing in Europe the boats would stop.

  • pop

    But Europe must become majority black.

  • Censored_EG

    They’ll blend in well to Eurabian culture. Yeah, right! How long will the immigration jihad terror continue?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Please send them all to Sweden.

  • John

    Europe still doesn’t realise that it’s in a fight for its life. They’re still ( mostly ) debating the morality of rejecting these migrants. They have yet to wake up to the fact they’re the object of an invasion and colonization by people who don’t give a hoot about the continent’s culture, history, traditions or civilization. They also seem to think they can still decide how many to take in when, in fact, they’re facing a tidal wave of humanity that could well submerge them in only a few short decades.

  • Dogandcat

    All young guys………sent on a mission. And the sheep are too stupid to make sensible decisions to stop them.

  • Do The Math

    ‘Immigration’. The Marxist filth are still using that word, huh? What it
    really and truly is, is an Invasion, Population Replacement, and

    Population A has 57,000,000 People.
    Average age of Population A is 62 Years old.
    Population A has a birthrate of 1.4 children per woman.
    Population A has a deathrate of 9.8

    Population B has 2,000,000 People.
    Average age of Population B is 30 Years old.
    Population B has a birthrate of 4.5 children per woman.
    Population B has a deathrate of 1.2

    Population C has 4,000,000 People.
    Average age of Population C is 45 Years old.
    Population C has a birthrate of 2.3 children per woman.
    Population C has a death of 3.4

    Population A are the indigenous of the land, any newcomers from this group are babies borne of this population.

    B are invaders of Population A’s land, any newcomers from this group
    are babies and other Invaders. Over 300,000 new Invaders of Population B
    invade the land of Population A every year.

    Population C are
    invaders of Population A’s land, any newcomers from this group are
    babies and other invaders. Over 200,000 new invaders of Population C
    invade the land of Population A every year.

    Do the Math. No
    matter how you stretch it – Population A becomes a minority in their own
    land in a very, very short time. Their high deathrate (due to the
    elderly age of their population) combined with the low birthrate means
    their population does not grow, but sharply declines.

    B’s extremely low deathrate (due to the youth of their population) and
    extraordinarily high birthrate and the staggering amount of new ones
    that invade every year, means their population explodes, rapidly.

    C’s moderately low deathrate (due to the middle-age of their
    population) and the just above replacement level of their birthrate,
    combined with the staggering amount that invade every year means their
    population grows steadily, outpacing Population A by a staggering
    amount, but wilting in the face of Population B’s growth.

    A’s future is one of death. As such, Population A will cease to exist
    as a large group in a short time period, and will lose their home,
    history, land, culture, society and security.

    If Population A
    wants to keep their home, history, land, culture, society and security,
    and wishes to remain alive and healthy and the stewards of their land,
    they would need to:

    Stop any new Invaders from invading their land from Populations B and C.
    Increase their birthrate exponentially.
    whatever they can to decrease the birthrate and population of the
    invading populations of B and C – including driving them out of their
    land enmasse.

    If Population A does none of these things, they will lose everything.

    Simply put – Math doesn’t lie. And the math tells us this is not ‘immigration’.