Greenfield: Israel-Hating Biology Prof. to Teach Course on Zionism

Imagine for a moment that a university decides to offer a new course called “Perspectives on the American Civil Rights Movement.”

Imagine further that the professor slated to teach the course lacks any degree applicable to the subject, never visited any of the historical sites associated with the subject and never published anything noteworthy on the subject that would indicate a particular expertise.

Instead, the professor maintains a degree in biology and his writings on the course subject matter are limited to interactive “talkback” commentary and a few op-eds in fringe or obscure online blogs.

Imagine further that this professor is highly critical and even hateful of the civil rights movement and his opinions on the subject reflect a visceral animosity toward anything or anyone who attempted to advance the cause of civil rights in America.

Now substitute the word “Zionism” for “American Civil Rights Movement” and this ridiculous and unimaginable charade instantly turns into an ugly reality at the University of Missouri…

For qualifications, he says he is married to a Jew but she and the children are non-practising.