Gee What A Surprise… Muslim Nations Refuse Muslim Migrants

The Muslim nations of Malaysia and Indonesia are refusing to accept Muslim refugees, turning away boatloads in the process.


  • Veracious_one

    the problem with Muslim immigrants is that they always bring their Islamic luggage with them

    • Censored_EG

      The problem with Muslim immigrants is they’re Muslim. Period.

  • Martin B

    Muslim “migrants” only advance the cause of Islam if they invade infidel nations. Otherwise, they may as well be at the bottom of the sea as far as Muslim nations are concerned.

    • ProgNorth

      I’m perfectly okay, with the ‘bottom of the sea’ option.

  • Censored_EG

    I’m shocked. Shocked! Shocked! Only the monstrous immigration jihad to Canada and the UK and elsewhere is permitted.

  • roccolore

    No welfare benefits in Muslim countries?

  • Paulla

    Only western civilization countries are expected to care about the masses of muslim humanity “looking for a better life”. The Muslims themselves couldn’t care less about them, and don’t bother to hide it. It’s about time our side started putting our own interests first. Allowing millions of muslims to immigrate into western countries is civilizational suicide.

    • k1962

      They only care when the situation involves Israel, otherwise the ummah can be damned.

  • sanwin

    So apparently even Muslims know how fucking crazy Muslims are.

  • Remember- Islamist nations were the last to help after the tsunami and gave the least amount of aid.