Father Forces Son to Destroy Xbox One Over Bad Grades

This a kinda sad to watch and Dad could watch his language… The lesson is valid, maybe not the approach

  • Good.

  • canminuteman

    I would like to ban video games from my house entirely, but I’m not such a luddite that I think it’s possible. We do however limit the amount of time that we allow my sons play video games. If they play for too long you can see their personality’s change. Thy both become irritable and short tempered.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Know what? That kid is WAY WAY TOO ATTACHED to his Xbox. Too bad. Maybe the parents have not explained that one should not feel attached to material stuff since material stuff never feels attached to you. We taught our kids to not waste their human feelings on inanimate objects.

  • john s

    so if he got bad grades cause he was riding his bike all the time would dad make him destroy the bike? Didn’t think so. dadda no understand kids fascination with colored lights…make him smash them to teach lesson. Ugh.