CSIS can’t keep up with ‘daily’ state-sponsored cyber attacks

OTTAWA—Canada’s spies admit they can’t keep up with daily cyber attacks from state-sponsored hackers, according to an internal report obtained by the Star.

A heavily censored “threat overview” prepared by CSIS last September stated hostile “state-sponsored” hackers are targeting everything from political positions and trade strategies to commercial data and personal information.

“Hostile state-sponsored actors (are targeting) Canadian public and private computer networks daily to advance their economic, military, (and) political agendas,” reads the report, prepared for Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney’s office.

“Offensive cyber operations (are) employed with more traditional methods in support of strategic and economic objectives.”

  • G

    Retaliate. We have hackers too. Mount offensive operations against the countries responsible. A completely defensive war is one you’ll never win. If canadians are too chickenshit to retaliate against aggressors then they deserve to lose.

    • They should.

      • G

        Maybe they could do it on a piece-work / bounty arrangement.

        ie: $20 million bounty to any hacker for every Chinese satellite they can make drop into the Indian ocean.

  • kkruger71

    Maybe CSIS wouldn’t be trying to play catch-up so much if they hadn’t have spent so much time and money in the late 90s and early 2000s harassing people who questioned or voiced disagreement with state-funded multiculturalism and open door immigration policies. You know, stuff that as Canadians we should be allowed to have an opinion on.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Since Harper has a great relationship with Israel, I think Israel would be happy to supply him with the most advanced firewall and anti-spyware technology.

  • CodexCoder

    It is much simpler – if you see a pattern of abuse from a group of domains, cut them off by asking the larger routing sessions to refuse their packets by domain address. If the foreign government complains, send them the evidence, and tell them to clean house or be denied service.

    Or does that require too much guts?

  • Gary

    This attack could get worse once islamists inside the Government start to be Lone Wolves because our insane ” Diversity” policy for non-Citizens as quotas has opened the door for Terrorist to send people here to destroy us from within .
    The very first Convicted Muslim terrorist in Canada under the new Law was Momin Khawaja from Ottawa that was at the Arar’s Mosques and he worked for the Federal Government to access information and us his position as a cover to be a Loyal muslim to Canada.
    Back in around 1990 I hear a New report on the radio that a Judge ruled that the Federal Government Policy to only employ Citizen in jobs dealing with Private Information about its Citizens was a violation of the Charter of Rights.
    Well Mr.Liberal progressive Judge, these islamists can now track you down to your home Address to kill you because a new comer to Canada can get a job in the CRA or any Dept. they can have access to a National data base meant to be kept secret for security reasons, but that was a good intention until Judges allowed anyone legally in canada to get access to it via a Diversity job that was also a good intention.

    • I still remember the email list I found on the Ottawa terror members ball hockey league, many were government emails.

  • El Martyachi

    Bottom line: Canadians would rather have legions of seat-warming hens to feathering their suburban nests than substantially invest in internet security.