Cherson & Molschky on Vatican recognition of ‘Palestine’

The Vatican recognizes ‘Palestine’, but does it also recognize Palestinian terrorism and the intent to wipe Israel off the map?

The Vatican has officially recognized the ‘State of Palestine’, which endorses terrorism against innocent Israeli citizens. ‘Palestine’ does not want to live alongside Israel, which it refuses to recognize as the Jewish State, and has rejected every offer for real statehood, choosing terrorism over peace each time. This so-called ‘State’ considers all of Israel ‘occupied Palestine’, and its number one priority is to destroy it.

Some simple facts…

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  • Norman_In_New_York

    Israel should expel the Palestinian Authority on the grounds that it usurped power instead of holding timely elections as required and announce the imposition of direct rule until enough Arabs step forward who desire to live in peace with the Jewish state.

  • I don’t think this Pope understands what is going on.

    • Alain

      I disagree. I think he well knows what is going on and agrees with it.