Baltimore corrections officers charged with looting convenience store during unrest

This is pretty tame in light of what has gone down before: Inmate who ‘impregnated FOUR guards and oversaw drug operation’ inside Baltimore jail gets 12 years

  • Gary

    About 10 years ago I remember a Debate by Michael Coren on his TV Show where the topic was about the Courts and the Justice system . I was surprised when Michael asserted to someone their that ” Nobody WANTS to go to jail” as he made his point on defending Victims of a bad system.

    He didn’t know that here in North America this tactic by gangs going back to 1930’s to have Prison insider to recruit thugs or run an operation was normal and the loyal goons under the Boss would be the fall-guy to do jail time to protect that Boss.
    Today there is a huge Illegal Drugs trade in Government Housing and the importing of off-shore Gangs that sent members to Canada long ago to set-up shop as we see with several Minority Groups in Toronto within their Ghettos of single mothers where some are part of the Drug trade as scouts or a safe house from the Police because the Gutless Politicians have too many Votes within the Welfare Industrial Complex.
    The new twist is the charade by the Peaceful Moderate Imam’s that go into the Prisons in the guise of deradicalizing or redeeming the Muslim in Prison but are actually radicals them self that recruit Converts by making them the Victims of the System by the White mans laws when Islam and Sharia is the true way of life for Peace.

    The mafia mobs that had a fall-guy do jail time would look after their family and reward them with money once they make parole but would keep their distance to avoid violating the conditions .

    Some people DO want to go to jail because they can make Millions that will be their when they get out which is Tax-free . Not in all cases though, that’s why David Miller’s plan to build Basket Ball courts to reduce the crimes was a big flop and got one kids shot on that same Court by a drug dealer that tracked him down for knowing too much as an Ex-insider.

  • Alain

    At least the inmate practised diversity without discrimination from the article. He knocked up four female guards and had sex with other inmates who would be male of course. On a more serious note this is exactly one of the problems with affirmative action forcing male prisons to have female guards. When I worked for federal Corrections this sort of thing happened more than once with a female guard being a willing participate in having sex with a male inmate. There were of course lots of other problems created by imposing female guards on male prisons.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      To make matters worse, the female guards are hired from the same neighborhoods where the criminals prowl, so they are not quite unknown to each other outside of prison, and in these neighborhoods, familiarity breeds babies.

    • More progressive thinking at work.

  • lolwut?

    Going to jail is a badge of honor for blacks. They’re very comfortable there
    going to jail is like walking into another room to them. it’s normal.

  • mauser 98

    ………Mooch rubbed off on them

  • Frau Katze

    Didn’t this happen after Katrina too?

  • cmh


  • Gaian

    OMG! Does ugly have no boundries?
    Does anyone remember black male and female copps looting during Hurricane Katrina?