TTC’s new streetcars a pile of crap

The Mexican made parts can’t be aligned?

Well I am shocked.

As I thought Bombardier, which has sucked millions upon millions in government subsidies was Canadian company.

Not the first time the TTC has bought crap.

  • andycanuck

    And Bob Rae wept.

  • Uncle_Waspy

    Ya gets what ya pays for!
    Mexican and precision are two words that don’t go together.

    It was Henry Ford who said: Give your employees as little as possible, and you can expect the same from them in return.

    • If I am not mistaken we actually paid a premium to “protect” Canadian jobs on this deal.

  • Brett_McS

    It’s cheap labour … which ends up being very expensive.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I read somewhere that in-sourcing was becoming a trend for this very reason.

      • Only so long as Oil was increasing in price making shipping costs less attractive for outsourced manufacture.

  • Clink9

    The new streetcars have a ground clearance of about 4 inches. Should be fun in the snow.
    Or if you slip under it.

  • Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

    I Toronto should change that electrical system,that is 7 decades old and use like the one Vancouver has.

    • Clink9

      It’s the buses and streetcars that are crappy, not the electricity supply.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Will this prove to be another Adam Giambrone fail? Will these low-floor streetcars operate in major snow storms? Will switches freeze in sleat or when the temperature drops below -25c? They’re environmentally friendly and that’s all that matters to the Left.

    • I bet they get stuck when the sun shines.

      • andycanuck

        I hope they get stuck where the sun doesn’t shine!

    • Surele Surele


  • SDMatt

    I ride the subway every day and have done so for, let’s say, decades. The TTC has had at least two multi-million dollar “upgrades” to their public announcement system and it still sounds as if the announcer is calling it in from Pluto. On the far side of the planet. Under water. Heavy water. In the language of Plutonians.

    The streetcar tracks on King and on Spadina seem to rust out and need replacement every 5 years or so.

    I sat next to a TTC bus driver who at 7 am reeked of marijuana.

    So rusty Mexican-supplied buses’ll fit right in.

    • Brett_McS

      I used to ride the Sydney trains regularly. The (recorded) announcements were made by some dork from WhoKnowsWhereIsStan. Hardly intelligible, especially when trains are passing through on other platforms. Then suddenly the recordings were changed over-night to a female announcer with the most beautiful and clear English accent. It was great. Probably some “Resting Thespian”.

  • The Goat

    Just shoot me.

  • The__Hammer

    Cool video. A lot of Canadian municipalities have taken a bath on shitty Orion buses over the years.

  • simus1

    Cities with streetcars are telling the world they are being run by corrupt idiots held in the firm grasp of powerful rent seekers.