The ever rising cost of Islam: Canada funding war crimes investigation into Islamic State

The Canadian government is funding an independent organization to investigate war crimes in Syria and Iraq, joining an international effort to build criminal cases against Islamic State leaders even while the regional conflict is ongoing.

Ottawa will provide $1.2-million over a one-year period to support “accountability and transitional justice activities” in both countries, a government spokeswoman said. The new funding will see Canada join Britain, Denmark, Germany and others in backing ongoing war-crimes investigations in the region.


I understand that our government throws out 1.2 million with their pocket lint each day but a million here and a million there and ya know, it adds up.

Maybe I’ll tweet Steve and ask if he can front me some bucks, work has been slow of late and the mortgage payment is due.

  • cmh

    5 BILLION each year in foreign aid….no strings attached

    • We spend way too much on Islam both domestically and abroad, this has to stop.

      It is madness to take the bread off the table of Canadians and give it to cultists who hate us.

      • Cheryl

        We are supporting how many refugees from those countries? Like you say we are taking the bread off the tables of Canadians not just to support the war over there but also to support the refugees coming here. Why aren’t Canadians taking a stand and saying no more to all of this crap or are there not enough Canadians who were born here that care enough to do something about the mess we are in?

  • David Murrell

    I disagree with your disagreement over our government spending $11.2-million to help investigate Islamist war crimes. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, the federal NDP, our vast media cartel — all of these left-wing voices deny that Islamic war crimes ever take place. If we have one Conservative government who disagrees with this pc anti-human rights world view, so much the better.

  • Shebel

    $1.2 million is not so much to pretend that we care.