Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia silent after U.N. calls for Asia boat people rescue

Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia gave no response on Wednesday to a United Nations appeal for them to rescue thousands of migrants, many of them hungry and sick, adrift in boats in Southeast Asian seas.

There were conflicting statements on whether regional governments would continue to push back migrant boats in the face of the UN warning that they risked a “massive humanitarian crisis”.

“Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand have decided not to receive boat people, as far as I am aware,” Major General Werachon Sukhondhapatipak, spokesman for Thailand’s ruling junta, told Reuters.

He declined to comment on the UN refugee agency UNHCR’s appeal on Tuesday for an international search and rescue operation for the many stranded on the seas between Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The UN has said several thousand migrants were abandoned at sea by smugglers following a Thai government crackdown on human trafficking…

Once the boat people realize there is no point setting out, the problem will stop. The Europeans are too stupid to figure it out.

The boat people are mostly Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar. No one wants them.  Thailand was taking a few and exploiting them for super-cheap labour.  After that became a scandal, Thailand has no further use for them.