Scotland ‘will not consent’ to Tory plans to scrap Human Rights Act

The Scottish government has said that it will withhold legislative consent on the Conservative proposals to scrap the 1998 Human Rights Act, as it emerged that the SNP has already had informal discussions with Tory backbenchers who oppose the move.

The social justice secretary, Alex Neil, told the Holyrood chamber on Tuesday afternoon: “The Scottish government’s position is that implementation of the Conservative government’s proposals would require legislative consent and that this parliament should make clear that such consent will not be given.”

Tory plans to repeal the act and replace it with a UK bill of rights could lead to a “complete standoff” between Westminster and Holyrood, according to a Scottish government source.

A senior SNP source confirmed that the party had been in contact with potential Conservative backbench with a view to bolstering cross-party opposition to the move.

The Guardian understands that the Scottish government may seek legal advice as it wrestles with the potential implications of the proposals…

Separatist groups in wealthy Western counties are inevitably crackpots. Kick Scotland out.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Counties or countries?

  • The Scots are not an endearing people at this time.

    • Brett_McS

      All the good ones are in London, or further afield.

    • Frau Katze

      They’ve been the same since the smarter ones left long ago for the New World.

      • Alain

        Indeed it truly was a brain drain leaving the brainless leeches behind.

  • Ed

    Bus all refugees to Scotland. We’ll hear a different tune in due course…

    • Alain

      You also need to close the welfare tap of money coming from the rest of the UK at the same time.

    • Rosenmops

      And the rapists that the EU prevents the UK from deporting. Send them all to Scotland.

  • Shebel

    Next time the Scots and Irish have a mass emmigration to the Americas—
    It won’t be because of the English.

    • Alain

      From the looks of the ones still there we could do without any mass emmigration from there. I think Omar’s lawyer proves my point.

      • Shebel

        I was sort of hoping that he was English.

  • My Leader, Charles Martel

    The Scottish didn’t elect a Nationalist party – they elected a Far-Left Marxist party.

    Marxism’s ideological tenants and goals was and is the extinction of the European people – full-stop. Remember what happened when Marxism stormed the European Country of Russia and took power – millions upon millions of European dead lay rotting in streets from the Ukraine to the farthest reaches of Russia.

    And remember – the first Marxists in Russia were not European. Marxism was not an ideology formed in the mind of a European.

    The reality is – the lands of Europeans and I mean all of them, not just in the homeland, but also United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. will be taken from them.

    This is not debatable, as much as some people wish to debate it.
    I’m part of what I call the European Resistance myself – what I describe as the non-organized grouping of like-minded European peoples acknowledging the genocide of their people and speaking up about it.

    But even I can honestly say – Alea iacta est (the die has been cast).

    I’m still willing to fight, bleed, and die for my people, and should the bell ever toll, I’ll be there. I’ve been tempted by Ukraine (on the side of the entities against the genocidal entity known as the EU, a major pusher of European genocide) and recently, I’m watching Macedonia with interest.

    Doesn’t change the facts on the ground though.

    The deathknell of our people, the rope around our necks, the knife at our throats, the poison in our wells, the rot in our stomachs is one simple fact:

    Our suicidal low birth-rate.

    We can look at the invaders (Saracen’s, Africans, others) who are invading our Countries, settling in our cities an towns, whose mere presence drives us from those same locations (London, Paris, Brussels, etc.) we can look at their violence against us (Ra pe, mur der) that is common place all over our lands but the truth is, the low-birthrate of our people will be the death of us.

    Our lands have been savaged before. Our lands have been occupied before. Our people have been enslaved, ra ped, ethnically cleansed, demolished in our own homelands before (Moors in Spain, Ottomans in Balkans, Southern Europe, etc. Barbary Pirates of the Mediterranean, the Ottoman occupation of Greece, the Ottoman theft of Thrace etc.) but in every case we prevailed, we survived and we kicked the invaders out.

    Sure we still bear the scars – Thrace still remains a part of the Ottoman lands (But the amount of European descent people in the Ottoman Country tells us Thracian’s still survive), some Italians, French, Greeks, Spanish, etc. are swarthy looking – sharing more in common with the North African/Arab/Turkish invaders than we Europeans, (Kosovo, Bosnia, Albania, all scars left in our homeland by the Ottoman invaders).

    But we survived all that. The Thracian’s still survive if we look at the people in the land of the Ottomans who look European, even with red hair and light colored eyes. The swarthy looking Southern Europeans, with their lineage of Middle-East and North African taint still believed and participated in our Culture, Heritage and shared Civilization philosophy based on Judea-Christian heritage.

    But, we survived that because we had a philosophy, a way of life, a belief system that allowed us to do so. We bred like rabbits, for every 10 Europeans mur dered by the invaders, we had 20 children to replace them.

    But no more. Now, we are barren. We have no offspring. Those we do have we raise as sheep and chickens. They are not future warriors, fighters or soldiers – they are future appeasers, slaves, and traitors.

    If 300,000 invaders land upon the shores of our lands and remain, and the population is evenly spilt between man and woman, that’s 150,000 childbearing women. If each woman has 4 children (around the average birthrate of the invaders) that’s 600,000 children to these 150,000 women. That’s a net total of 900,000 in this one 300,000 invader group.

    Lets say, worst case, this happens in 4 years (1 children every year) at that same time, how many children do the, lets say.. Indigenous English women have? 50,000? 70,000?

    And we know how our women betray us, so we have to factor in Indigenous European women (in this case, English) who betray us and breed with the invaders.

    And thus, we will die. Our lands will be taken from us. The generations that are around when this happens will be hunted down, enslaved, mur dered, ra ped, and wiped out.

    Even now – the demographics are against us. If you look at some place like England, which is only 70% English at present, it still seems hopeful. That means only 30% of the population is invaders, and of that 30% is a chunk of other Europeans. But if you break it down by Age structure you realize the horror:

    That 70% is a false hope. A huge portion of the English population is elderly (40+) and a very small percentage is youthful (10% or less), while in that 30% invader demographic, the numbers are reserved.

    We are old and sickly, weak and cowardly. We are barren. They are young and healthy, strong and brave. They are fertile.

    And thus we die at their feet, conquered by their swords.

    • Frau Katze

      True, but they word “National” in their name.

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      Nationalism can be left, right and centrist. I can bring some links showing the variants of nationalism if you like.

      Remember Mel Hurtig’s National Party of Canada which contested the Canadian Elections of 1993.

      His party was for civic nationalism and for abolishing free trade and was for investment. They also wanted to bring back the Bank of Canada for creating our money. Nowadays the big banks that make huge profits do that. The question is why in 1974 did the PCs and Liberals and to this day all the major parties agree with interest-free money not being our main priority.

      Why do you think we have all this debt provincially and federally?!

      People think that running a government like a household budget will make a nation prosperous when a nation is supposed to be ran by people that want to take care of the people and should be caretakers. They should never run it for special interest groups or NGOs but completely free from interference.

      That is something most people never wish to take into account.

      What people fail to understand is that China and Russia got rich by buying gold and dumping US treasuries. The US doesn’t make anything anymore and has sold off its manufacturing. No wonder the West is in decline.

      Each year with the trade agreements it appears that our quality of life is getting worse and not better. It requires more and more skills by people coming out of school to succeed. No wonder people are depressed.

      It also used to take one income to raise a family. Now it is two. Soon it could be that jobs pay nothing. The root of the problem is debt-based money that we have. I say return to the Bank of Canada for creating our money, end free trade, stand against selling out our nation and end the wars abroad and be for full employment and not corporate welfare. That is how Canada used to be during the days of the 50’s and 60’s. The problem with our politicians is they have sold our nation to the USA.

      • Clink9


      • Shebel

        I agree with most things you say – but- WHY
        Do you say that we sold out to the USA?
        You are going to stick with banking.
        I will stick with the fact that we don’t need any more Immigrants.

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      It was PM King that brought in the Bank of Canada and that lasted until 1974.

      Most Canadians refuse to accept that our nation has been hollowed out.

    • Shebel

      That is so true.

      Why the Hell are we not totally pissed off ?

      I guess we enjoy destroying our culture. We are masochistic.
      Fekk me.