Israelis Help Others; Palestinians Don’t Even Help Themselves

Israeli humanitarian efforts finally got a little attention in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake. While some acknowledged it, unfortunately, it was glossed over by others, while the hardcore haters said, “Yeah, but…” That “but” was followed by crazy stories of ulterior motives (like the old anti-Semitic canard of organ harvesting, baby trafficking, or that it was purely a publicity stunt?!) or sob stories of how Israelis are helping the earthquake survivors but won’t help those “poor” Gazans.

The truth is, Israelis do help Gazans. During Operation Protective Edge, for example, the IDF set up field hospitals and treated Gazan casualties, and Israeli hospitals treat even the relatives of Hamas leaders who vow to destroy the Jewish State and celebrate the “victory” of any dead Jew, from babies to elderly Holocaust survivors, murdered by Arab ‘martyrs’.

Israel has also decided to double the amount of water delivered to the Palestinian territories, despite only receiving payment from the Palestinian Authority for less than 10 percent of the water usage. Palestinians are also wasting their water; up to 33 percent is wasted due to leakage, and their own policies prevent them from having more water. Still, Israel is providing more water to help them…