Whatever happened to Peggy’s baby in Mad Men?

“Perhaps it’s just me, but as Mad Men airs its last episodes I’m coming to the conclusion that the show isn’t about the advertising business or America in the ‘60s but about unwanted children. Don Draper is just such an unwanted child, as shown in his slowly-revealed backstory, and besides Peggy’s baby, there’s the child being raised by single mother Joan Holloway, the show’s bombshell office manager-turned-senior partner. In one of the final episodes, she meets a rich, divorced man whose plans for the balance of his life don’t include raising another child.

“She shocks him by saying that she’d send her child away to be with him. When he protests that he didn’t ask her to do that, Joan tells him that, really, that was the choice he was forcing her to make. Becoming an unintentional parent isn’t a choice many people would make, but being an unwanted child – dead or alive – can surely be understood as neither a choice nor a great way to begin life.”

  • jzaik

    Actually, Peggy was raped by Pete. It was during the first season. It wasn’t really a ‘fling’ she had with Pete. And second, she did have the baby and kept it. She never told Pete. She had her family raise the baby for a while. Peggy didn’t want the child. Didn’t even want to hold the child. Then in this season, she intimated that she gave the child away to focus on her career.

    This article is a little misleading because each character on the show evolves in different ways. Peggy’s big thing was being this naive secretary morphing into a copywriter with managerial duties and accounts.

    Joan’s character development was trying to be taken seriously as a big boy. She had Roger’s baby, but everybody was banging Joan. She didn’t let the whole sexism thing get to her. She just wanted money and status.

    • Rick McGinnis

      There is no intimation that Pete raped Peggy. Joan, on the other hand, was definitely raped by her doctor husband. The idea that Peggy’s sister had raised her child was an internet trope that the creator of the show has denied – the toddler we see Peggy looking at in season two was her sister’s baby.

      • jzaik

        No, Pete pretty much forced himself on Peggy. It wasn’t the physically violent, no no, rape that Joan went through with the doctor husband. But I would consider that mild rape.

        And you’re right. I was tricked into thinking the baby they were caring for was Peggy’s. I guess it was her sisters. It fooled me. She must’ve just slapped a UPS label on the baby and sent it away then.

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  • Is Mad Men Good? Should I rent it? Anyone?

    Bearing in mind that, while I have nothing (besides envy) against huge-breasted redheaded sexpots, I wouldn’t actually be interested in watching a TV show just to ogle one.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I think it’s absolutely fabulous.
      And I’m gutted that there’s only one episode left.
      I love it for the way it shows how things used to be.
      Mostly just before I was born.

    • I think you will like it.

    • jzaik

      It’s aight. There’s way more to it than Joan’s titties. And Frankly, I don’t find her very attractive at all. In fact, there really aren’t that many attractive women on the show to be perfectly honest. I think his wife (ex wife) January jones is attractive. And he had a fling with a sexy chick in Los Angeles. But outside of that…..meh.

      Mad men is not my typical tv viewing type show. I only got into it because the Exec. Prod was Matt Weiner and he was from the sopranos. Plus, I really like the time period part of it. The costumes, the fact it was set in the 60’s…..stuff like that makes it interesting.

      It was the same reason why I watched Boardwalk empire.

      I normally like my comic book, sci fi stuff. you might like Mad Men. The characters are pretty strong.

      • Is it as good as Breaking Bad?

        I really liked Breaking Bad.

        • jzaik

          Hell No. Bad was……..Whoosh, Baby mama! It’s two different shows. I would say Mad Men is on par with Better call Saul. I’d watch the first season if I were you and see if you wanna stick with it. I only have 4 episodes left on Mad Men. Might as well stick through to the end at this point.

  • mauser 98

    Peggy who?

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      I can’t possibly believe those are Real! Gingers will doom us all They must be photoshopped

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        she won the gene pool lottery

  • I believe Peggy mentioned her son in a past episode to another co-worker (bearded guy). She said she adopted him and tried not thinking about him because doing so meant she could not move on.

    Words to that effect.

    Please see here:

    (spoilers if one has not seen it)