Whatever happened to Peggy’s baby in Mad Men?

“Perhaps it’s just me, but as Mad Men airs its last episodes I’m coming to the conclusion that the show isn’t about the advertising business or America in the ‘60s but about unwanted children. Don Draper is just such an unwanted child, as shown in his slowly-revealed backstory, and besides Peggy’s baby, there’s the child being raised by single mother Joan Holloway, the show’s bombshell office manager-turned-senior partner. In one of the final episodes, she meets a rich, divorced man whose plans for the balance of his life don’t include raising another child.

“She shocks him by saying that she’d send her child away to be with him. When he protests that he didn’t ask her to do that, Joan tells him that, really, that was the choice he was forcing her to make. Becoming an unintentional parent isn’t a choice many people would make, but being an unwanted child – dead or alive – can surely be understood as neither a choice nor a great way to begin life.”