UK: Home secretary hardens refusal to accept EU resettlement programme

‘Migrants’ disembark from the Italian navy ship Vega in the Sicilian harbour of Augusta, southern Italy, May 4, 2015. REUTERS/Antonio Parrinello

The home secretary, Theresa May, has hardened Britain’s refusal to accept a mandatory European Union refugee quota system being put forward in Brussels this week in response to the Mediterranean migrant boat crisis.

The Home Office has said it will refuse to accept any refugees under this week’s proposed EU emergency resettlement programme. But it has now said it will also refuse to take part in any future permanent EU system to relocate asylum seekers who make it across the Mediterranean or to resettle refugees from outside Europe.

The hardening of Britain’s refusal to share any responsibility for the refugees or migrants caught up in the Mediterranean boat crisis was roundly criticised by British refugee organisations. “It is shameful that the British government seems eager to opt out of doing the right thing by some of the world’s most desperate people,” said Anna Musgrave of the Refugee Council…

…The home secretary insisted that the focus instead must be on targeting and stopping the people-smugglers behind the trade across the Mediterranean, including establishing “a more effective process of returning illegal migrants”…

Related: The UK also wants to slow down the influx of people moving from parts of the EU in order to receive benefits, by making it harder to obtain them.

This would require changes to the EU treaties. Today, Germany has announced they refuse to consider any EU treaty changes.

  • tom_billesley

    Britain is not alone ….
    The Netherlands and Denmark will hear none of it.
    France is nervous about the idea, with the anti-immigration National Front doing so well in the polls, and countries in Eastern and Central Europe, which house very few asylum seekers, do not want to start opening their doors now.
    Estonia and Slovakia have already said “no” outright. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban described the migration quota plan as “mad” in a radio interview.

    When it comes to home affairs issues like asylum, the UK has a so-called opt-in clause, which allows it to decide whether or not to adopt EU legislation.
    So, whatever is eventually agreed on migration at EU level, it is hard to see how quotas could be forced on the UK.

    • Brett_McS

      The Mediterranean countries may get a bit more interested in intercepting and returning the boats if they know they can’t off-load the invaders.

  • mobuyus

    If they will not stay in their home countries and try to fix things what makes anyone think they will be a positive plus in an adoptive country. These are invaders and Britain is finally showing some sanity. I am waiting for tom and Justin to start crying for our fair share of these invaders so they may feel relevant and good about their smug sanctimonious selves.

  • Today’s pitiable ‘refugees’ are tomorrow’s pitiless terrorists.