Tank Suicide Bomb

Pretty spectacular footage.

You can view the video here, it contains the last testament of the poor fool who drove the tank to his death.

Note Isdarat is a jihadi site.

The clip also includes the detonation of explosives in a tunnel burrowed beneath a structure.


  • Allan

    Good. Another Sh*tstain on humanity gone

  • Hard Little Machine

    Seems like a waste of a tank.

  • truthdareisay

    May they go from strength to strength when it comes to self implosion to self explosion. Wouldn’t mind viewing postings and pictures of them self exploding everyday.

  • cmh

    like that mystery tunnel in toronto a few months ago

  • Gary

    After these knuckle dragging inbred losers kill all the hard working smart people they will be back to oil lamps and donkeys. Is that what they want in allah’s paradise under sharia law.
    The killing won’t stop, they will just kill other muslims under sharia law.