Singapore teen guilty of insulting Christians, ex-leader Lee Kuan Yew

Teen blogger Amos Yee was found guilty Tuesday of insulting Christians in a video monologue and of distributing an obscene image of Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew with former British leader Margaret Thatcher.

The 16-year-old Yee had faced three years in jail but instead will be put on probation. He was released on a bail of 10,000 Singapore dollars ($7,500) and probation officers will now interview him and his parents to determine what kind of probation he would receive and how long it would last. The result would be announced June 2.

Asked how he felt about the verdict, Yee — who was wearing a navy T-shirt and khaki shorts — told reporters: “I don’t know. I can’t decide. I don’t know if I should celebrate my release or mourn my sentence.”

  • The_Infidel_01

    IMHO this sentence is completely wrong. He should never have been charged to begin with, he offered no violence, nor did he ask anyone else to become violent.

    • Singapore is a very censorious regime.

      • WalterBannon

        Trudeau admires this about communist regimes…

        Coming soon to Canada.

      • The_Infidel_01

        Which is precisely why it needs to be protested and overturned, we can’t give the lefties ammunition, or the ability to say, look the bigots said nothing about censoring him, we can do it here.
        For full disclosure, I am a Christian, and as long as no one threatens violence, or incites others to violence, then they should be able to say pretty much anything about any group.

  • T.C.

    Another little lefty indoctrinated by his leftist teachers to think it’s cool and edgy to be an atheist. Only the Grope and Flail would publish BS like this and try to turn it into an “event” for its leftist readers. Note that Singapore has a muslim population and this “crime” is probably designed to be even-handed in preventing that population from going all batshit crazy should someone draw mo or something like that. Which this boy probably wouldn’t do, of course. Far easier (and safer) to make fun of Christians. Probably why he got the reduced sentence. Christ I hate the stupidity of these anti-Christian, leftist-indoctrinated atheist morons and their media enablers. Do they ever do an deep thinking? Or just parrot crap out of their face-book echo chambers?

  • Jabberwokk

    Insulting Christians? That’s new. What was the insult? Or was the charge just pulled out of the air?

  • pdxnag

    Isn’t this supposed to get you an award?