Siberian circus seals don military gear and perform ‘rifle tricks’ in video

A circus in Siberia have trained their seals to perform a special routine for [last] weekend’s Victory Day celebrations in Moscow.

A video shows the two seals – dressed in military headgear – raising a flag and shooting at targets after performing a proper salute.

Their performance coincided with the annual Victory Day parade in the Russian capital, this year marking the 70th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany…

  • Our seals can do cool tricks.

    • Frau Katze


      • Gary

        PETA went after the Navy for using Dolphins that carried bombs to attached to ship hulls by a magnet , or just blow them self up .

        i guess when the animals are ugly like rats and seals, PETA is OK buying rat traps or seal being exploited while alive.

        • Frau Katze

          These are circus seals, just on loan for VE Day. But PETA might object to circuses too.

  • ntt1

    It is amazing what A creature will do for a few herring or some other treat.i know a guy who has worked warehousing for twenty years. Here at home I am still working on An all Siamese cat version of the Walendas flying pyramid., sadly progress has been slow .

  • Ken

    Hey Amerika! Our NAVY SEALS are real thing. Take that, capitalist exploiters!!