Pro-Life Flyers Feature Justin Trudeau As He Should Be Seen

Pro-life flyers spread graphic political message targeting Justin Trudeau

TORONTO — Anti-abortion activists are hitting the pavement to spread a very graphic and political pro-life message targeting Liberal leader Justin Trudeau.

Flyers showing Trudeau next to a graphic image of an aborted fetus are being spread around the GTA and across Canada.


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  • David

    As distressing as that photo is, the reality of this horrendous “procedure’ must be made clear.

  • David

    How the hell could anyone do such a thing?

    • Jabberwokk

      My favorite line from Fury was “Church” telling the new recruit sorrowfully:

      “wait till you see it.”

      “See what?”

      “what a man can do to another man.”

      A reckoning is coming but unlike most Christians I meet it is not the wrath God but the wrath of man we have stored up for ourselves. We have engineered it. We keep buying into the same lie that we can decide right and wrong, who lives and who dies. In essence we think ourselves God. Just as Pharaoh did. And Just like Pharaoh we will have no one else to blame. And when people turn to God and ask why did you let this happens his response will be “I wasn’t welcomed there, why did you let it happen?”

      It was Aldous Huxley who said:

      “If human beings were shown what they’re really like, they’d either kill one another as vermin, or hang themselves.”

      I think people are and have and this “Denial” that we all complain about everyday is the only defense mechanism keeping the West from turning into a monster. I think the elites are trying to keep us in the Denial stage because they know that Huxley was right. Because when denial snaps and plods inevitably to acceptance(shown what were really like)…..

      Then were going see what a man can do to another man.

  • BillyHW

    But he’s so dreamy!

  • Ron MacDonald

    Brilliant ad campaign.

  • Good.

    Show a picture of Trudeau next to a dead Chinese infant. Apparently, he admires the “basic dictatorship” that killed her.

  • terrence

    This “attack” ad will be vilified by the Slime Stream Media…

    • Count on it.

    • WalterBannon

      then this campaign should also be mounted against key news anchors and executives who also advocate for Trudeau and his abortion policy

    • He, like his father, supports abortion in Canada and, by extension, abortion and infanticide in the “basic dictatorship” of China and its vassal state, North Korea.

      Screw him and the sensitive feelings of people who can’t hack this truth.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    But the fact is abortion is here to stay until a new leader talks about it for a while and then that will go off the radar. The fact is social conservatism is losing in Canada except for foreign policy and law and order. I don’t mind parties allowing the discussions to go on as I am part of a minor party which allows many factions in a party, but it is mainly for the base to talk about. Of course, I doubt abortion law will ever change in Canada. I however predict if it does change that Ontario, Quebec, BC and the Atlantic would be against it and would probably bring up their own legislation on it.

    • Minicapt
    • Gary

      Just wait until Science and Biology gets the powerful Computers to decode the DNA for the sexual preference of the GTAC strand and women will be able to have Homo-cide Abortion to kill lesbian babies.

      What Would Justin Do ( WWJD ) when he has to go to a South Asian group pre-election where they want him to support gender-cide abortion to females, but then goes to the PRIDE parade to act like he defend gays Rights when he supports Abortion on demand that will allow for killing Lesbians babies .
      Hmmmmmm, here comes the ” I support free speech and the women’s choice …..BUT ….. fill in the BS by Liberals to take both sides to agree with killing female babies but condemn killing lesbians.

    • WalterBannon


    • There is no abortion law in this country.

      Go to the House of Commons tomorrow and see the “failure” of social conservatism.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Justin brought this on himself. I am surprised they did not use a third trimester abortion photo to underline the fact that abortion kills children, simple as that. Anybody can SEE that.

  • J. C.

    Sadly, these ads may actually ‘inspire’ more lazy-arsed, lefty stoners to actually get off the couch and go vote for the bubble-headed pretty boy…
    “Dude! Like… Legal weed and no parental responsibility, man… We gotta vote for J.T.!”

    *sigh* It pains me to think there really are people who think like that… 🙁

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    When he made that comment about China, he meant they can change on a whim. He doesn’t support abortion until birth. That is just fearmongering. I am not a supporter of Trudeau, Mulcair or Harper, but the ads are complete lies and step way out of bounds. Abortion is here to stay and the party that ends abortion outright will be a rump party. Just look at the Alliance party. When they were against abortion, that caused several Progressive Conservatives to vote Liberal. Ya it is a very polarizing issue. People also have to be realistic. It won’t end but restrictions could come from it. No one on here is even suggesting what possible ones could be except attacking Trudeau and supporting the Conservative party which I believe will never be stupid enough to go down the road of the Alliance party.

    • WalterBannon


    • WalterBannon

      liberal troll

    • Yeah, he does and he enforces pro-abortion policies in his own party.

      Anyone who calls himself pro-life should just quit the damn party.

  • Hanamanganda

    These ads are a mistake. They will cost more votes than they get.

    • No I do not think so, it may change a few minds.

      • Gary

        The evidence for the media bias and the Police being Political in many case to enforce the laws meant for everyone.
        During the Arab Spring ( Muslims ) rally on Yonge Street at Dundas the News Video I watched had Police standing by for security while they saw little girls and boys with large posters on placards of dead humans savagely killed and covered in blood which Society usually deem child abuse for any other group.
        Some how Children with picture of Humans ripped to pieces and covered with blood after they were murdered is OK when Muslims or Immigrants do it, but an Adult with a picture of the child ripped to pieces just prior to birth is Child-Abuse for non-muslims.
        Ironically , Yonge St. also has the PRIDE parade nudity by naked males with just shoes that Wynne and McGuilty endorsed for years now even when the new 2013 federal Law kicked in that makes in a crime against children in public for frontal nudity. But, just connect the dots for Ben Levin , TDSB, Wynne, CAMH, quasi-pedophile naked males around kids, Police doing nothing, and Bill Blair now running for the Liberals.

        Things that make you go ….Hmmmmmmm.
        CAMH wants to normalize pedophilia as a mental illness from birth, and the TDSB embraces the Levin homoeroctic sex-ed.
        I hope the new Black Police chief doesn’t become a Uncle Tom for Whitey’s in the Liberal party or take his orders form the HRC to only enforce some law on some people.

  • Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

    Those adds were made by followers of Harper and his team,they are in panic when they got the message from Alberta.

  • Gary

    He supports the new gender-cide abortions by South Asians to kill the female babies because men have more value.
    Yet , while Trudeau endorses the radical jew-hating mosques that condone murdering gays and want an islamic state in Canada , The Liberals like Wynne and Justin spew their lies about Harper’s war on Women and being anti-gay.

    Well Justin , when Harper goes and meets with groups the endorse throwing gays of roof tops and hanging women in the public square, I might start to believe your attacks on Harper that he hates women and gays.
    No shock that the CBC supports Justin since they both have a shared hatred for Canada , USA, Israel and jews while they also aid and abet in spreading sharia law .

    The CBC will be the Caliphate Broadcasting Corp to show the gays being hanged in the Roger ‘s Centre while Omar Khadr hosts a 1 Hour show for making IED’s and how to cheap Welfare in non-muslms nations.

  • ontario john

    Maybe Michael Coren can join the Trudeau team. Now that he is a born again liberal with the Anglican Church his latest tweet speaks out against the pro life movement.

  • simus1

    A good start.

    The next flyer should have trudeau, the fetus, and his bishop.
    Suggested title: “Which One Of These Three Is Not A Hypocrite?”

  • WalterBannon

    Its like cigarette makers being forced to put pictures on their packages.

    Pictures of the results of abortion should be put on Trudeau and his abortion policy product

  • Gaian

    And the point of this was? How about a few grahics of christians torturing kids to rid them of demons? Maybe a few graphics of the torture tactics used by christian inquisitors to brutalize and murder women. Maybe we should be putting up graphic posters showing the starving children that woman-hating christians don’t care about because they are already born.

  • Mark Mueller

    I just received one of these and it is disgusting. It does prompt the question, just who exactly does this organization want us to vote for? Harper’s official party line is almost exactly the same as Trudeau’s, to wit, adamantly pro-choice, and unwilling to entertain any motion for revised legislation in the House. Putting Trudeau’s face on these flyers, therefore, seems like cynical and hypocritical politicking. To be honest, I do not want to see these flyers censored. I think everyone should have the opportunity to see just how crass, manipulative, mean-spirited, and down-right ugly this organization is.