Pakistan Newspaper Ad Says Relatives of Terrorists Can be Punished with Death Sentence

A controversial advertisement appeared in national Urdu newspapers in Pakistan last week, threatening relatives of ‘missing terrorists’ with punishment that could include death penalty if they failed to report their disappearance to authorities.

The advertisement published on Friday was in the form of a public notice, though no government department or agency was mentioned, according to Dawn.

The notice read: “In accordance with the Code of Criminal Procedure 1898 and other laws related to terrorism, public at large are informed that if any member or members of their family including those non-relatives looked after by them are individually or being a member of an organisation involved, or there are apprehensions of their involvement, in any act of terrorism and are missing from their residences for that purpose, they should report it to the nearby police station or office of assistant political agent along with picture of the missing person or persons.”