New Tory legislation will force deportation of foreign criminals and strip them of refugee protection

The federal government is proposing new legislation to “close the loopholes” that allow foreign criminals to remain in Canada even when convicted of serious crimes or deemed to be a danger to the public, Steven Blaney, Minister of Public Safety said Tuesday.

The Removal of Serious Foreign Criminals Act will allow for the mandatory transfer of foreign criminals to their country of origin and strip refugee protection from those later deemed a danger to the public, among other changes.

“What we are seeking to do is close the loopholes in our Canadian law [and] between our organizations that are being actually exploited by criminals who have been found guilty and who are basically taking those gaps to stay longer and, as we have seen here, constitute a bigger threat to our country,” Blaney said.

The government’s plans is to change several acts to make it easier and faster to remove non-Canadian criminals out of Canada, including some who have already been accorded refugee protection and permanent residency status, he said…