In France, a cautionary tale against jihad

It doesn’t take long for the classroom to fill up. First come the community activists and senior citizens. Then a handful of women in hijabs and sneakers. And finally, the teens in hoodies who loudly crack gum, until Mourad Benchellali sits down and starts to talk.

“I was detained in Guantanamo for two-and-a-half years,” he begins. “I had gone to Afghanistan. I was 19 years old. It was in 2001, before the attacks on the United States.”

Benchellali’s story, told at a middle school one recent evening, is one of betrayal, brutality and ultimately, a form of redemption. When he finally became a free man, in 2006, he wrote “A Journey to Hell,” a book describing his experience.

But interest in his story here only surfaced recently, as France grapples to understand the homegrown radicalism behind the Paris attacks and the hundreds of French heading to Iraq and Syria.

  • Gary

    Hey listen , the CBC bought Maher Arar’s BS in 2005 when he told the media he was tortured in his Homeland of Syria because of Canada and the USA , even though the CBC News article (archived) in 2003 detailed by Arar said he was legally denied entry to the USA at JFK by himself from Tunisia and only JORDAN would take him in on a Private jet by the FBI to meet his wife and kids to go back to Canada together.
    Maher said he was tortured in JORDAN for two weeks by kidnappers and then taken to Syria which was for a Military trial as a draft-dodge that fled to canada in the late 1980’s.

    So don’t be shocked if Justin tries to tell the CBC that he too was abused by the USA in GITMO because they thought he was a muslim while in New York , this to get more anti-israel/USA votes for the islamists .
    If the CBC is bloated with brain dead journalists that don’t even trust the CBC archives to research a claim , I wouldn’t be surprised if the CBC reported that Obama was once a POW in Vietnam that saw Hillary run through a hail of gunfire to the chopper that Brain Williams was on after it was shot at while landing to get John Kerry with his Medals he would throw in a river one day.

    • simus1

      John Kerry’s handlers back then were very astute people. As soon as the updated clone war hero like John Kennedy scenario path to the presidency lost its lift, they had him out of Vietnam and fighting at home against the war in the blink of an eye.

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s not like Afghanistan is a country of 33 people. It’s millions and millions. If you managed to hang out with mass murderers AND get swept up by the US army in the middle of a war the odds are you’re guilty of something or you have, statistically speaking the worst luck of anyone in the history of people.