Hydro One firing TFC fan for FHRITP Comment

I was vaguely aware that this FHRITP had become a “Thing”. I think it’s silly but what is worrisome is that the police are now suggesting charges are appropriate for what amounts to a juvenile prank. This is really about the media being mocked and having their feelings hurt nothing more, and Lord knows their bubble needed bursting.

As for Hydro One firing the guy, I hope he sues and wins.

Good comment at the Sun“Its okay to dance on a float in the middle of the street in a thong while holding a large vibrator, and City Pulse is right there filming it while the reporter is laughing. BUT don’t say vulgar things to a female reporter. Left wing hypocrites.”

Hydro One firing TFC fan for FHRITP Comment

“A man who hurled a vulgar comment and swore at a CityNews reporter outside of a Toronto FC game is being fired by Hydro One.

The company confirmed Shawn Simoes is in the process of being terminated from his position as an assistant network management engineer/officer.

“Hydro One is taking steps to terminate one of its employees for violating its code of conduct,” said the company’s director of communications Daffyd Roderick told the Toronto Sun Tuesday. “Respect for all people is ingrained in our values. We’re committed to a work environment where harassment of any kind is met with zero tolerance and a swift response.”

Roderick would not specify how long Simoes was employed at Hydro One, as that is “a personnel issue.”