How Federal Welfare Protects Ontario From Failure Of Green Energy Policies

Evidence abounds that taking money from one group and giving it to another does not work. Redistribution is the basic belief of Marxism, socialism, and liberalism and appears in various forms. Instead of solving problems of inequality it prevents the problems being identified or resolved, and those responsible being held accountable.

Canada now has the most expansive and generous, redistribution of wealth system, in the world. We call it equalization, and it started in 1957 to give residents of every province the same per capita revenue as those in the two wealthiest provinces, British Columbia and Ontario. It was determined using personal, corporate and inheritance taxes. In 1982, it was included, by an amendment to the constitution, through the Canada Act.

Wikipedia describes how “equalization payments are based on a formula that calculates the difference between the per capita revenue yield that a particular province would obtain using average tax rates and the national average per capita revenue yield at average tax rates.” Provinces are designated ”have” or “have not” if they receive payments or not.