Heather Mallick Declares Herself Depraved In Solidarity With Elizabeth May

Nothing wrong with Elizabeth May’s speech: Mallick

“…But then I am a member of the Canadian public, not the press gallery, and I have almost zero respect for Harper’s government, verging on totalitarianism but without the laughs. When May began playing the theme from Welcome Back, Kotter, it took me awhile to get the Khadr reference. I’m the last to get the joke, and then I laugh alone, raucously. I liked it.

As for May’s parting remark, “Omar Khadr has more class than the whole f—ing cabinet,” she’s right. Khadr’s chat with reporters outside his lawyer’s Edmonton home was charm incarnate. This young man was warm, smiling widely, filled with gratitude and humility. He was an ad for bail.”