Expert Warns: ‘It’s a Religious Obligation to Spread Islam’

In 2007, Ann Corcoran successfully stopped the State Department from discreetly unloading Muslim refugees in her hometown in Maryland, and now she has written a book directing other Americans to do the same, warning that the immigration is part of a religious obligation to spread Islam.

“I wanted to know who gave permission for what amounted to the dropping off of needy people in our county seat,” Corcoran explained in a YouTube video.

According to Corcoran’s research, the federal government has been relocating Muslim refugees into rural communities with little to no say from local and state officials for roughly 35 years. She claims the United Nations is the driving force behind the resettlement process.

  • Gary

    The real tragedy and stick in the eye is that Maryland is a Vatican West and was named for the Virgin Mary to appease the Catholic’s at the time with a State name since their can no be any State religion imposed on people.
    Now the islamists are going to walk right in and dominate the State to claim it for Allah and impose sharia law one day.

  • Obama is only doing his duty as a loyal devout Muslim, spreading Islam as much as possible within his powers and influence.

  • Dana Garcia

    Great to see Ann get recognition for her work. Her website is top notch.

  • This well done, short video, should be sent to anyone who is even mildly interested in the issue of Muslim immigration.

  • Morticiaa

    This is being done in canada, sadly

    • P_F

      Just yesterday there was a news of mohammedan families from Syria & Iraq being settled in small towns, like Summerland, around BC.

      • mobuyus

        Well there goes paradise.