Ed’s Dead: Where The British Left Went So Horribly Wrong

“…The Left, despite its love of hurt feelings over facts, has always had a likability problem. Left-wing activists are often seen as petulant, hateful, childish people, with some justification. Look at Laurie Penny, darling of the Left, defending vandalism of a war memorial on Twitter. And Left-wing politicians too often come across like disingenuous, schoolmarmish, nannying prudes.

In addition to being populated by mediocre talents, the Labour Party has a gigantic credibility problem on the two big issues of the day, the economy and immigration, not because it has got things wrong in the past, but because it refuses to apologise properly for its misdeeds.”

  • Hard Little Machine

    MSNBC had David Axelrod giving it his all to explain how his support of Labour at Obama’s direction (just like Axelrod’s support of the Israeli left in the last election) is really a victory and the right wing is all ‘doodie-heads’.

  • David Murrell

    Great essay. Much of the essay’s anti-elitist rhetoric could fit Canada’s media and elites. Too bad here in Canada the left-wing elites will win this coming September. The elites are too strong here. And Stephen Harper is making too many mistakes.

  • ed

    jewish not English , labour councils protecting muslim paedo rape gangs , no vote on the EU, refused to retaliate if the uk was under nuclear attack , migrants and welfare for votes , + he is a bit of a nob

    • Was Marty Feldman English?

      • tom_billesley

        British, though he belonged to everyone who wanted a good laugh.

  • tom_billesley

    That hand gesture means asshole in some countries.