Detective Tim Blair is on the case!

Following last week’s terrorism raids, AFP deputy commissioner Mike Phelan claimed radicalism was a problem for all Australians.

“We’ve got to do something about this problem. All of us. All in the community. It’s got nothing to do with faith,” he said. “This is about all the community, all families getting together, having a greater understanding of what your children are doing.”

Acting on the deputy commissioner’s instructions, I immediately launched a detailed alphabetical investigation that would expose radicalism wherever it lurked.

A – After tracking an Anglican cell for more than 50 years, I called their ringleader and demanded information on the radical younger members of her sinister clan. “Oh, hello Tim,” my mother answered. “It’s nice to hear from you.”

Bonus Blair:

Professor Michele Grossman, a cultural diversity researcher from Victoria University, said it was dangerous to use a term that only reflected one small part of the reality of Islamic State.

“It’s too easy to overlook the elements of the IS narrative that focus on building a new world and a new order, promising action, power and engagement,” she said. “This holds enormous potential appeal, especially for the young.”