Charlie Hebdo and cartoons of Mohammad showcase the CBC’s double standards

You won’t believe the disgusting comments made by the CBC as to why Piss Christ is fair game but pictures of Mohammad are off limits.

The CBC lied. As the pic above indicates they have shown Piss Christ on more than one occasion, as in this article:

“French museum reopens after crucifix art attacked”

Crucifix art they call it.

I wonder if Muppet Mohammed would get Strombo coverage?

How about Violent Christ on CBC Music? Merry Christmas Bitches?

Violent Christ CBC Radio









Even Youtube initially removed this vid but not CBCDavid Bowie as Christ: is new video for ‘The Next Day’ sacrilege?

Would CBC air a documentary on “The Pagan Mohammed?”

I’d like to see “Black Mohammed” on CBC.

On CBC Music we have on the playlist “Jesus Christ Never Existed” and “Boykissers – Dedicated to Priest Diddlers”

Jesus never existed and Boykissers Priest Diddlers CBC Music