Charlie Hebdo and cartoons of Mohammad showcase the CBC’s double standards

You won’t believe the disgusting comments made by the CBC as to why Piss Christ is fair game but pictures of Mohammad are off limits.

The CBC lied. As the pic above indicates they have shown Piss Christ on more than one occasion, as in this article:

“French museum reopens after crucifix art attacked”

Crucifix art they call it.

I wonder if Muppet Mohammed would get Strombo coverage?

How about Violent Christ on CBC Music? Merry Christmas Bitches?

Violent Christ CBC Radio









Even Youtube initially removed this vid but not CBCDavid Bowie as Christ: is new video for ‘The Next Day’ sacrilege?

Would CBC air a documentary on “The Pagan Mohammed?”

I’d like to see “Black Mohammed” on CBC.

On CBC Music we have on the playlist “Jesus Christ Never Existed” and “Boykissers – Dedicated to Priest Diddlers”

Jesus never existed and Boykissers Priest Diddlers CBC Music

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Because liars must continue to lie about their previous lies?
    That’s where I’m placing my bets.

    Here’s the deal, they LIKE Islamic jihadis more than they like Christians.
    They value the life of Omar Khadr more than they would any American, especially an Army field medic.

    If violent insurrection were to come, the first to be targeted should be the media and news personalities as their moral inversion is what created the situation in the first place.

    Lists, start keeping them.

    • That pretty much sums up the Liberal Left in Canada.

    • KarenBPowell

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    • Justin St.Denis

      Drunk, you nailed it again. I was just thinking that “…it isn’t that Hubert Lacroix has no soul, it is that Lacroix has a dead soul. A dead soul because he himself killed it.” Then I realized that this was true about practically all journalists/everyone in the MSM.

  • Morticia

    Thanks for showing commentary on cbc’s nonsensical opinion reporting
    I absolutely refuse to watch their crap, but enjoy seeing their these
    Reports that put them in their moronic place

    • Yea they just lie, like hypocrites.

      • Justin St.Denis

        It’s pathological.

  • Gary

    The CBC protected Jian because he’s a muslims and sexually assaulted and abuse White NON-MUSLIM women , the CBC also doesn’t care that gays are being tossed off roofs by ISIS or that iran boasts of killing 4000+ queers because the Misogynistic racists Homophobes are MUSLIMS and the CBC has been going down on Muhammed 5 times day , this in hope they are spared during the big Jihad in Canada one these islamists throw backs from the 8th century have the population numbers to make Canada juts one more islamic hell with legalized pedophilia and hanging gays.
    Just listen to Imam Steve Rockwell for awhile and hear his Muslim Supremacy ranting to take over Canada because muslims are out breeding all other groups.
    Maher Arar wants to take his children to Saudi Arabia to steep them in Whahhabi islam Sharia law .
    I i want them to hate jews and Canada while knowing they must die killing infidels for allah as martyr’s .

    • Justin St.Denis

      Maher Arar – Canada’s Premier Living Multimillionaire Fraud. The title should come with office space in Ottawa where the politicians who won’t do anything about him can wave Hello to him each and every day.