Liberal MP & Anti-Free Speech Activist Irwin Cotler’s Links With The Mafia: MPs reluctant to comment

NB – Machine Translation

OTTAWA – MPs are reluctant to comment facing the revelations surrounding the Liberal MP Irwin Cotler and the fact that he was also an associate of two businessmen involved in financial transactions with multiple nominees godfather Vito Rizzuto , back when he was Minister of Justice of Canada.

Our Bureau of Investigation said Monday that police had placed the offices of the associates of Mr. Cotler wiretap since January 2004 because of their alleged links with a financial manager of funds of Rizzuto.

This police surveillance associates of Mr. Cotler, Hyman Bloom and Richard Dubrovsky, two businessmen well known in the world of finance and real estate Montreal, had started one month after the appointment of Mount Royal as MP Minister of Justice.

“All I can say is that if these facts are true, it is very worrying,” simply responded a spokesman for the office of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Catherine Loubier.



Recall that Cotler recently introduced a despicably fascist bill that would strip Canadians of their right to free speech and permit secret Star Chamber trials where the accused would not know their accusers.