200 Moroccan Youths Now Roaming The Streets of Stockholm

A young boy living in a home for refugee children taking a break with his residence director. From an Al-Jazeera article titled: “Swedens child refugee boom

A spokesman for Sweden’s immigration agency recently told The Local that they are powerless to enforce deportation orders and that there now are more than 11,000 asylum seekers who have gone underground. In other words; they have no idea how many illegal immigrants there are in Sweden. A consequence of this ineptitude is that there are now at least 200 children from Morocco roaming the streets of Stockholm, selling their bodies and committing various other crimes.

“We have at least 200 children from Morocco who roam in the cities at evenings and during nights and who commit crime. They are 9 years old and up” says Christian Frödén, a policeman in Stockholm to SVT News.

Christian Frödén and Mikael Lins ask if they can show ID and check if they are under the influence of narcotics. If they suspect the latter they urine test them and if they find someone who has escaped from an asylum home, they are sent back.

“They often abuse hash and do not understand the Swedish attitude towards drugs at all” says policeman Mikael Lins to SVT.

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