Warning labels at the pumps? Climate-change activist wants to stick it to gas retailers

Our_Horizon_Robert_Shirkey_006_GP___ContentMembers of the Bronte Creek Project hosted a free public lecture on climate change, featuring Robert Shirkey a Toronto-based lawyer and founder of the environmental not-for-profit Our Horizon. Source.

An activist wants climate-change warning stickers — claiming effects from at-risk caribou to sick children — made mandatory on every gas nozzle. To the surprise of gasoline retailers, some Canadian municipalities are listening.

City council in West Vancouver, B.C., unanimously voted to support the placement of warnings, similar to those found on cigarette packages, about species extinction, ocean acidification and respiratory problems in children on every gas nozzle…

…The Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities and the city of Moncton, N.B., have voted to support the recommendation…

…Rob Shirkey, a Toronto activist and lawyer, founded Our Horizon in 2013 and has been travelling across Canada, presenting the idea of warning labels as a simple fix that can change the world…

WTF?  People are going to stop driving over this? Who is going pay for this new project?

Maybe people have to drive to work?  Maybe there is no other alternative?   Maybe businesses have to drive to keep their business going?  

How are we supposed to ship food from farms to tables without driving?

Even if climate change does eventually kick in (and it hasn’t yet) these activists just have not thought this through.  Our entire society would collapse if fossil fuels were suddenly banned outright.

There have been warning galore, the price of gas is high* and few people drive just for fun.

*BTW, why is the price of gas still so high after the cost of crude has collapsed?