The Full “Crazy Lady Elizabeth May” Speech

Now this is a train wreck.

Don’t do drugs kidz.


Steyn: May Day

I’ve written on many occasions about the “utterly repulsive spectacle” of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, and this year’s lame-o shtick was more pitiful than ever (scroll down, as low as you can go), and the court eunuchs’ sycophantic laughter at the Sultan’s leaden jests even creepier.

Ottawa’s equivalent nerd prom, the annual parliamentary press gallery bash, isn’t quite as nauseating, mainly because the relationship between the hacks and the pols isn’t quite as psychologically unhealthy – but also because the event doesn’t have the slick polish of hired gag men. I mean, say what you like about Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, but you can’t complain she was over-scripted…

h/t MW