Sweden: Mayor compares burqa with slavery

A mayor in southern Sweden on Friday wrote on his blog that the burqa ought to be banned, describing women wearing the Islamic veil as modern-day “slaves”.

Bo Frank, the conservative mayor of the city of Växjö in southern Sweden, on Friday suggested that women should be banned from wearing full-faced veils.

“It ought to be banned!! It (the burqa) doesn’t belong in Sweden. Europe, the world,” he wrote on his blog after seeing two men accompanying a veiled woman in the city, adding the incident “pi**d me off”*

He went on to describe the woman as the men’s “slave”.

  • icey

    Women who believe misogynistic males.

    • winniec

      Islamic Stockholm syndrome…they kiss the whip that flogs them.

  • Petey

    Well, good for him for saying it. He’ll be vilified if not charged with hate speech but good for him anyway. In Sweden of all places too: wonders never cease.

    • Millie_Woods

      He started backpedaling right away and removed the suggestion that the veil should be banned. However it’s a start…..baby steps.

  • winniec


    • Censored_EG

      Too bad the masked muzzlimas don’t look like this:

      • J. C.

        Indeed. But sadly, the reality is more like this…

        • JoKeR

          Totally batty!

        • Minicapt

          Nice wing-suit. From which height does it plan to jump?


          • J. C.

            “From which height does it plan to jump?”

            Not sure… What’s the usual height for queer-tossing??? 😉

  • Justin St.Denis

    What an anomaly! A Swedish politician with balls! I imagine he will be charged with a hate crime and imprisoned in short order.

  • Linda1000

    So what happened in the case of the Pakistani gal in Etobicoke who was insisting on wearing her niqab for her citizenship ceremony. Did our gov’t. as usual, cave to her demands?

    • Justin St.Denis

      I believe so.

      • Linda1000

        Disgusting. What ever happened to majority rules and common sense.

        • DavidinNorthBurnaby

          They were replaced by their complete opposite, Political Correctness.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      We’re still waiting for the Supreme Court appeal on that, IIRC, the lower court struck down the government’s law requiring facial exposure during the ceremony.

  • pdxnag

    It is all relative. Slavery as between Muslim men and Muslim women. Absolute supremacism and domination as between Muslim and non-Muslim.