South African mercenaries’ secret war on Boko Haram

Mercenaries from South Africa have proved quietly decisive in helping the Nigerian military turn around its campaign against Boko Haram

With their roots in South Africa apartheid-era security forces, they do not fit the standard image of an army of liberation. But after just three months on the ground, a squad of grizzled, ageing white mercenaries have helped to end Boko Haram’s six-long year reign of terror in northern Nigeria.
Run by Colonel Eeben Barlow, a former commander in the South African Defence Force, the group of bush warfare experts were recruited in top secrecy in January to train an elite strike group within Nigeria’s disorganised, demoralised army.

Some of the guns-for-hire cut their teeth in South Africa’s border wars 30 years ago. But their formidable fighting skills – back by their own helicopter pilots flying combat missions – have proved decisive in helping the military turn around its campaign against Boko Haram in its north-eastern strongholds.

  • Brett_McS

    White men putting savages in their place. Now there’s one for the history books.

    • Minicapt

      A number of South African Army units had white officers and black soldiers, without apparent conflicts. Col Mike Hoare’s mercenary groups in the Congo were similarly organised. In the military context, such blatant discriminatory practices have often made for very effective units.


      • El Martyachi

        Kinda like the NFL…

  • mobuyus

    I’d referred to this a while ago and every one of those South African mercs is gunning for mandrill baboon face.

  • Everything must be done to permanently destroy Boko Harem and all other Islamist groups across the world. All it takes is determination – they are just savages with guns in their hands and a will to kill.

  • Gary

    But they have noting to do with islam.

  • simus1

    Bypassing of the monumentally corrupt, totally incompetent, and traitorously inclined elements within the Nigerian military and various levels of government would tend to produce quick positive results. Or perhaps even threatening to kill them would also work.

  • Everyone Else

    Mandela is painted as the hero
    and he was undoubtedly a great man
    but everyone forgets F.W. deKlerk
    who groomed Mandiba for leadership
    and shared the Nobel Peace Prize with him.

  • The_Infidel_01

    If the won had sons……………..???

  • Thermblog

    The SAfrican govt tried to shut down the mercenary industry. Looks like it didn’t work and that’s probably a good thing, judging by this story.

  • Gaian

    Point of fact. It always seems to take the intelligence and competence of white people to keep blacks from killing and brutalizing each other.

  • no4

    The skills they learned hunting kaffirs have come in very useful now that they are the hunting kaffirs.