ISIS, Jihadist Groups May Have Inspired ‘Hundreds, Maybe Thousands,’ In US

Days after Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, two radicalized Muslims and Phoenix, Arizona roommates killed Sunday in an avowed jihad attack on a civic center in Garland, Texas where an art exhibition and contest was being held for the best cartoon of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad –an act punishable by death under Islamic law — FBI Director James Comey soberly said there are “hundreds, maybe thousands,” of Muslims or new converts inclined to accept radical Islam’s call to jihad across the nation. Moreover, they may be receiving recruitment approaches, perhaps even directives, to attack targets in the US from jihadi organizations like the Islamic State (ISIS) and Al Qaeda.

Homeland Security Today reported in August that social media-influenced Islamist jihadism had already taken place on US soil, some successfully, and noted that many others were thwarted. Still, the fear of counterterrorists and intelligence officials today is that so many more Muslims are being radicalized by ISIS and other jihadi groups’ sophisticated social media efforts.

“I know there are other Elton Simpsons out there,” Comey said. “But I also know there are Elton Simpsons out there I cannot see.”

  • tom_billesley

    Careful what you assimilate, it may contain germs and it’d be best to vomit it out.

  • Brett_McS

    And there would be a number of Elton Simpsons being trained in the Army this very minute. And probably not all of them are psychiatrists.

  • Hard Little Machine

    It really doesn’t matter to the media. They didn’t need a reason to defend Major Hassan’s attack on Ft Hood. Whatever it is, whomever gets killed, whatever the reason or no reason, the CNNs and MSNBCs of America will always side with the butchers. That’s in part why we have this problem. So if there’s 2 guys or 2 thousand, we’ll be told that anyone who stands up to them is a racist.

  • WalterBannon

    there are “hundreds, maybe thousands,” of Muslims or new converts inclined to accept radical Islam’s call to jihad across the nation

    If Obama has to choose sides, he chooses Islam over America, as he has already said. FBI Director James Comey should start looking for a new job.

  • Justin St.Denis

    When government spokespersons make such statements, it opens the door of opportunity.

    “When questioned by police, a shaken Mrs. Blake explained how her gardener suddenly lunged at her, screaming ‘Infidel bitch! I will behead you! Allahu Akbar!’ In response, Mrs. Blake reached for her gun and shot Mr. Abdurihaman at point blank range. It was the sound of gunfire that prompted the Blakes’ nearest neighbour, Xia Yayaya, to call the police. Ms. Yayaya lives a quarter mile away. Mr. Abdurhaman’s closest relatives in Pakistan have been contacted by authorities. No criminal charges will be laid.”

    This might happen all over America or at least those parts that are not No-Go zones like Dearborn. Think about that.