First World Problems: People Are Mad At Spotify Over This Tweet – trigger warning

Screenshot of the now-deleted and grotesquely sexist tweet.

Spotify did a superb job of alienating part of its audience Friday afternoon with a completely tone deaf tweet. In an effort to rally engagement around a free subscription to Spotify Premium, the streaming music service tweeted “Ahead of #MothersDay, how would you explain Spotify to your mom?”


Real moms are not pleased.

Hey Spotify, the whole “Moms don’t understand technology” bit is really tired.

The CEO of Yahoo is a mom. So is the COO of Facebook. Not to mention all the moms Twitter uses spoke out in defense of (sometimes, themselves)…

I feel their pain.

This is just such a sad story that I could barely bring myself to read it. I felt depressed all day.  

Civilization as we know it is under threat by Spotify and their evil ilk.