First mass in 93 years held in İzmir’s historic Greek Church

The Agios Konstantinos Greek Church in the western province of İzmir has reopened following renovations and held a mass for first time in 93 years, with the participation of the Fener Greek Patriarchate.

The historic church, dating back to the 19th century, located on Mermerli Street in the Menemen district in İzmir, was renovated by the Menemen municipality.

Fener Greek Patriarchate Bartholomew and Menemen Mayor Tahir Şahin reopened the church with a ceremony where they threw white doves and planted an olive tree in the garden as symbols of peace.

Bartholomew, who performed the first mass in the historic church since 1922, thanked the municipality and Menemen locals for the renovation of the church. Şahin welcomed him at the garden of the church with flowers ahead of the mass. Bartholomew said the Agios Konstantinos Church will add to the already rich culture of İzmir…

The name ‘İzmir’ is derived from the ancient Greek name of the city: Smyrna.

  • A lot of saints from Smyrna.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    In 1922, a massive fire drove out the Christian community. The cause was arson, even though the Turks deny it just as they deny the genocide of Armenians.

  • Izmir is the mispronunciation of Smyrna (smyr) in Turkish, just as Istanbul refers to Constantinople (stan-ple). The whole of Anatolia was stolen by the Turks from the Byzantines (ex Eastern wing of the Roman Empire) over a period of some 200 years culminating in the fall of Byzantium 550 years ago. Turks belong in Central Asia; they are strangers in Anatolia.

  • SDMatt

    From Wikipedia:

    On 9 September (Julian style – 27 August) 1922, soon after the Turkish army had moved into Smyrna, a Turkish officer and two soldiers took Chrysostomos from the office of the cathedral and delivered him to the Turkish commander-in-chief, Nureddin Pasha. The general decided to hand him over [4] to a Turkish mob who murdered him.

    According to French soldiers who witnessed the lynching but were under strict orders from their commanding officer not to intervene:

    “The mob took possession of Metropolitan Chrysostom and carried him away… a little further on, in front of an Italian hairdresser named Ismail … they stopped and the Metropolitan was slipped into a white hairdresser’s overall. They began to beat him with their fists and sticks and to spit on his face. They riddled him with stabs. They tore his beard off, they gouged his eyes out, they cut off his nose and ears.”[5]

    Bishop Chrysostomos was then dragged (according to some sources,[6] he was dragged around the city by a car or truck) into a backstreet of the Iki Cheshmeli district where he died soon after.[5]

    • Horrible. And pretty typical of Muslim ‘rage’.