Fear the future…

From a comment at the Star article – Liberals have themselves to blame for Ontario school strikes

HamiltonReader – “As a retired high school teacher with over 30 years experience I can tell you a lot of the supposed improvement in graduation rates in the school board I worked for is because there are NO standards…work can be handed in whenever it suits a student and teachers are forced to accept and mark it; students must be allowed to keep re-doing work they do not complete successfully; there is no such thing as a mark of “zero” and even students who do not hand in anything must be given a minimum mark of 30%; (can you imagine never showing up to your job and the boss being forced to pay you 30% of your salary???); penalties for late work are not allowed; students may count paid part-time work towards “Co-op” courses; former extra-curricular activities now count for credits e.g. doing the yearbook among others.”

  • As I’ve said, they push students through like it’s a puppy mill. I saw one marking rubric where things like spelling and grammar did not matter.

    Stop funding these schools.

    • BillyHW

      A girl tried to insult me once and misspelled the word in 3 distinct places. I told her not to vote.

      • Rub salt in that wound.

        What a maroon.

      • Brett_McS

        Yeh, you moran.

        • Gary

          Hey, Jack Layton told Olivia that he needed to check his Message when he meant Massage. Olivia never caught that ruse because she believes that NDPer don’t lie, well…other than Svend Robinson , Sid Ryan , Bob Rae ………..and so on.

  • BillyHW

    And the only thing they actually learn in class is how to be a royal faggot like Michael Coren:


  • Clausewitz

    I have to deal with this on a daily basis. The ones I hate the most are the 15 year old blonde airheads who think daddy will take care of them all their lives. You ask them what they have plans for doing after graduation, and all you get is “I want to by a celebrity”. I ask them for doing what? Then the deer in the headlights look comes out and two days later Daddy wants a meeting because apparently I’ve hurt his little darling’s feelings. That’s when I get a chance to pull out my mark book showing him she hasn’t turn in one assignment this semester. Sometime early retirement is so tempting.

    • Brett_McS

      The head of the Physics Department at Sydney University when I was there was a Canadian, Prof Harry Messel (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Messel). He was a great character. He once failed the entire year.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      There is always pole dancing!

    • WalterBannon

      just fail them

      • Clausewitz

        I do, but then I have to deal with two month’s of credit recovery bull shit. Then they still fail because they still haven’t done the work. It’s called the process, or as I like to refer to it as the dance of the whiners.

    • Keep me up to date on the other matter ok?

      • Clausewitz

        Yeah, not much to say right know since our idiot union leaders have us on extended leave.

  • Gary

    This is why I had opined several Months back that Multiculturalism has been a failure and create minority ghettos . Back in the mid 1970’s a Vietnamese student from refugees was in my class and had little English skills and yet got near 80% in most exams and marks in the classroom tests.
    I questioned a teacher about how someone with those poor skills in English could read the Math Exams and all the other Course Exams to get high marks each Term when most of us Canadian born students study hard and get around 75% other than the wiz kids in the 90% range.
    The teacher told me that the school couldn’t afford to keep holding back students which would swell the size of grade 9 and 10 , so we give them passing marks to get them out of High School because once they are in THEIR community it’s their problem to find a job among their won people and business.

    But this mind set failed when minority communities didn’t have the high paying skilled jobs that demanded English to operate across Canada and North America , from this it morphed into ” racism ” which the same Liberals that caused this problem suddenly become the Party to help fight THOSE White racists way over THERE that won’t hire you.
    Today, it morphed into Fake diplomas to hide the failures and then Diversity Quotas to keep up the myth of the Liberal “Racism” which now forces Ontario to have given up the French/English working language and have Signs and Instruction/Information in about 9 languages while many Government Services have Phone service in over 100 languages so any non-English new comer to Ontario won’t have to learn either of our Official 2 languages .

    Currently because of the 40 years of Liberal Policies , Canada is now under the threat for Terrorism attacks by new comers , or children of new comers born here , that brought their hatred with them and their barbaric cultural practises where they hate us and see us as the enemy by their Loyalties to outside nations or a Religion . Canada’s Military now causes a terrorism attack threat in Canada when we go to war against savages that kill our Citizens by going to THEIR land while Refugees from those nations are in Canada and chose to support their homeland terrorists.
    In Ontario, the Government is bloated with about 25% more employees than needed because they had to hire many of the unskilled Minorities and new comers from their won Diversity and Quota Laws since the Unions would never have tolerated a mass lay-off to Senior White worker born in Canada to Canadian parents.
    So Ontario just kept growing the Government with fake jobs but now during the bad times and corruption to buy Elections, Liberals know that any Down-sizing in the Public Unions is L.I.F.O. which means that all the Minority Quota job would be the first group let go and it would expose the White Privilege of the old racists days Liberals crusaded to end for Private Businesses.

    Pretty soon the Leftist Liberal Progressives will allow non-citizens and Illegals to vote , this on top of the current Welfare and FREE Health care in Ontario because Obama wants to do it with 15,000,000 illegals to buy the 2016 Election for Hillary.
    Citizenship will no longer be a benefit because of the Liberal Progressive that killed in on the beaches of Normandy but never told our War dead troops they would do it before they went into battle.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    This is where parental involvement comes in.
    My kids knew world history from the founding of the city of “Ur” to WWII by the time they were in the 7th grade.
    I watched over them and acted like a concerned parent and didn’t try to be their friend.
    Involvement works!

    Slacker kids usually have slacker or indifferent parents, and unless the individual child is intellectually courious and very driven, it’s hard to get a good outcome.

    I’m not saying you have to go all “Asian tiger mom” on them, but just spend an hour a day making sure they are doing their work and are learning. Most parents can’t even manage that.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    re: ‘a minimum mark of 30%’

    I’m reminded of something Ralph Wiggum once said……..


  • WalterBannon

    As far as i am concerned this is fraud by the ‘education’ system and Wynne and the ministry should face a class action law suit by parents

  • dukestreet

    I’ve mentioned this before. Co-op students I had to supervise at my place of business,could not follow simple instructions that my 2 year old could follow. When I asked their teacher about it she said,”They only have to show up to pass. ” The system has been failing their students for a long time. As I told this teacher. They should all lose their jobs. They are teaching nothing but indoctrinating a lot instead. I hate that these kids are soon to be running the country.