Fear the future…

From a comment at the Star article – Liberals have themselves to blame for Ontario school strikes

HamiltonReader – “As a retired high school teacher with over 30 years experience I can tell you a lot of the supposed improvement in graduation rates in the school board I worked for is because there are NO standards…work can be handed in whenever it suits a student and teachers are forced to accept and mark it; students must be allowed to keep re-doing work they do not complete successfully; there is no such thing as a mark of “zero” and even students who do not hand in anything must be given a minimum mark of 30%; (can you imagine never showing up to your job and the boss being forced to pay you 30% of your salary???); penalties for late work are not allowed; students may count paid part-time work towards “Co-op” courses; former extra-curricular activities now count for credits e.g. doing the yearbook among others.”