Chickens: How a creature that can barely fly became the world’s most migratory bird

Add up the world’s cats, dogs, pigs and cows and there would still be more chickens. Toss in every rat on earth and the bird still dominates. The domestic fowl is the world’s most ubiquitous bird and most common barnyard animal. More than 20 billion chickens live on our planet at any given moment – three for every human. The nearest avian competitor is the red-billed quelea, a little African finch numbering a mere two billion or so.

  • simus1

    What is really amazing is that chicken as an economical protein mainstay for massive urban populations is a relatively recent development. The political slogan “a chicken in every pot” with the implication that it would happen more often than a few times a year was a dazzling idea of the prosperity to come when uttered in the late pre crash 1920s.
    Even at the end of WW2 in Canada freshly killed chicken at a reasonable price was often an intermittent sideline of farmers whose main source of cash was selling eggs directly to the public.