Britain battles Brussels over refugee quotas

Britain has vowed to fight plans laid out by the European Union to force member states to take in a certain quota of migrants.

The proposals, drawn up by the European Commission in response to the trafficking from Libya which has seen hundreds drown off the coast of Italy, would force all countries belonging to the EU to take in tens of thousands of refugees seeking asylum each year.

The plans, set out by Brussels and supported by Germany, mean Britain could see the number of migrants accepted into the country double from 30,000 a year to more than 60,000.

It is understood quotas for each country would be set out based on economic and social factors but each state would be obliged to make a ‘fair and balanced contribution’ to taking in ‘persons in clear need of international protection’.

A ‘redistribution key’ would allocate numbers based on GDP, population, unemployment and previous rates of taking in asylum seekers, The Times reported. [subscription required]

A longer-term plan for ‘a mandatory and automatically-triggered relocation system’ would result in the UK dealing with a similar number of refugees to neighbouring countries such as France…