With Wynne, we lose

If taxpayers are looking for a champion to control education costs, Ontario’s premier is the wrong leader at the wrong time

The ongoing labour dispute between Premier Kathleen Wynne and Ontario’s teacher unions comes down to this.

Wynne has run out of our money to give to the teachers and their unions are mad about it.

Never mind the unions saying it’s not about money but defending the quality of education.

Never mind Education Minister Liz Sandals saying she doesn’t know what it’s about.

Never mind what’s being negotiated at the provincial or local school board level.

All labour negotiations in education come down to two things — money and jobs, meaning the number of teachers it takes to run the system.

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  • ontario john

    It is custom for political leaders and the media to welcome new leaders with other parties. Not so with Patrick Brown. Wynne’s cabinet lackies went right on the attack basically calling him a bigot. And of course the Star does call him a bigot.

    • Cheryl

      Could it be because he is white and heterosexual? The first openly gay Premier seems to have a problem with white heterosexual males. You have to wonder does she see gays first and heterosexuals second?