Winds of Jihad: Piers Morgan says free speech means he must defend this vile, disgusting woman Ms Geller

Piers Morgan is a degenerate, worthless, revolting putz. He is also an anti-American, anti-constitutional agitprop and a champagne commie.

Free speech means I must defend this vile, disgusting woman from the marginally more repulsive people who want to kill her

Piers Morgan is a revolting human being. I despise everything about him. Since we cannot accuse him that he stands for something, we can only take note that he hates the good for being good. This malevolent rat has been spewing his filth for too long. Its time to put him out of business…

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    • J. C.

      Someone should start a petition to get Clarkson to punch Piers out again…

      • El Martyachi

        Think big: both of them need a new gig. I’d watch a show with them co-starring.

        • Blacksmith

          With Clarkson swinging, and piers being the bag!

          • El Martyachi

            That’s good for at least the first season.

      • Surele Surele

        isn’t this inciting violence? i like it.

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  • pop

    Piers is a ponce

  • roccolore

    Piers Morgan is also a proven liar who was fired for smearing soldiers with fake prison photos.

  • Tokenn

    You can always tell how you are doing by the quality of your enemies. If Piers Morgan thinks Pam Geller is vile and disgusting, she should be proud of herself.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Well, this might make you feel better.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Where is that?
      It looks like someone made a beach and forgot to invite the water.

      • It does, doesn’t it?

      • Clink9

        Looks like Venice Beach in Los Angeles.

  • He is lauding himself, not the principle of free speech.

    What a braggart.

    He is vile.

    • terrence

      Well, nobody else will pat him on the back; so, he does it himself.

      • Indeed.

        He’s a self-congratulatory douche trying to get into someone’s good graces by pretending to be above pettiness.


  • Gary

    Finally an issue that draws out the soft bigotry of lowered expectation in these liberal progressive that are oh so smug and selective about their moral outrage.

    Pay attention to how these types try to hide how they really feel by making Pam the bad guy that almost got dozens of people killed from provoking muslims.
    Poor Bill O’Rielly and Chris Matthews plus most of the MSM because they just exposed how they presuppose that muslims are prone to jihad violence and terrorism to the point that they KNEW Pam would get muslims upset and cause the exact attack that happened.
    They think the same way for Blacks because Liberalism is a mental disorder from birth that distorts reality by as reverse filter in the ear which take a evil crime and makes the criminal the victim or some external factors that provoke them to do it.
    The rioters only want justice and how can you blame them when they have to trust the Courts and rely on facts which could take over a year when they KNOW the person is guilty because the News said so and they would lie.

    So yes folks , Liberals have fooled them selves to think that it’s THOSE other people that are the bigots and islamophobe because everyone knows msulims are predisposed to kill for allah and go jihad when provoked, they’re not fully human yet and we must respect their alleged prophet and not bring up his sex with that 9 year old when he was 54.

    Just read up on the blasphemy laws because Obama said that the future doesn’t belong to those that defame the prophet of islam , even Obama thinks that Pam deserved to be attacked and if she was killed it was her fault.
    Just like the Chapel Hill case where 3 muslims were killed from provoking a non-muslim because they weren’t respectful of his views and caused him to shoot them .
    Just like gays provoked ISIS to toss them off roof tops .

  • Blacksmith

    This turd hasn’t been flushed yet? Damn somebody jiggle the handle so we can be rid of this piece of shit.

  • DVult

    People who kill or try to kill people for freely expressing their opinion are not in the same category as people who freely express their opinions. This man is an idiot.

  • BG

    Best comment under the article:

    “This is what happens when someone tries to be all things to all people.
    It’s a popularity ploy by Piers, nothing more. Insult ISIS to make the
    right happy. Insult Geller to make the left happy.”

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      It’s what Andrew Coyne does for a living.