UK: Almost 200 army volunteers denied due to fear of Jihadist infiltration

ALMOST 200 recruits have been withdrawn from Army basic training after failing security checks.

The revelation has sparked fears terrorists may have infiltrated our armed forces.

MI5 agents already believe ex-British soldiers are fighting with Islamic State and may return to the UK to commit atrocities.

But the latest disclosure will fuel fears our services are being targeted by extremists.

Senior Ministry of Defence figures admit infiltration by potential terrorists is almost inevitable and is one of the reasons why security vetting is now treated so seriously.

A Freedom of Information request obtained by the Daily Star Sunday shows that in the last two years, 188 Army recruits were prevented from undertaking training for security reasons.

The recruits were all selected for training but had their applications rejected after they failed the security vetting process.

  • moraywatson

    No totalitarians of islam in our armed forces. No totalitarians of islam in our police forces. Since islam’s ideology places sharia law above man made law, no muslim can be expected to place loyalty to country above loyalty to allah.

  • Una Salus

    Wouldn’t be surprised if at least 4 got in for every 1 they rejected.

    • Actually there are more, many more Muslims fighting in Syria and Iraq than are in the British army.

      • Una Salus

        Yeah, I know but we don’t really know how many there are in Syria & Iraq either.
        I don’t trust the estimates which are bad enough already.
        These 200 are probably just the most blatant and obvious cases and there’ll probably be blow back even with them.

        The situation is very bad. It’s very bad indeed.

  • mauser 98

    means 2000 snuck ( let) in

  • Censored_EG

    No muzz should be in the Canadian, American, UK, French, or any other western military. It’s treason. Period. If we do not stop all muzz immigration we’re done for. Same goes for accepting ’em into the military or even police force.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    They got bored with flight school.

  • Bill

    Whatever happened to the “Diversity is Strength” mantra? After all, what would the British Armed Forces be without a significant enrolment of a group emphatically contrarian to every ideal of the military as well as the government it serves?

  • Gary

    Here in Canada they are already inside the RCMP, OPP, CSIS , Toronto Police and the Human Rights Commission .
    The rest use terrorism to get their way and the Police know it because of the example in Calgary last year where about 1000 pro-hamas terrorism supporting muslims spewed hate and attacked Canadians to send 6 to the Hospital while the muslim mayor and Police chief were in hiding.
    Muslims have learned that terrorism works , yes folks …not all, but the silent majority are the most deadly because they show us a face of peace as they cheer for ISIS in the mosques.