The Vape Update…

So… how is it going?

It goes Well I believe.

When I started two weeks ago I kept on smoking regular cigarettes while introducing myself to vaping.

Now understand that I was a two pack a day smoker, sometimes (actually often) more if long hours enabled it. I elected not to go cold turkey as I felt it was an invitation to failure.

The good news. Each day since starting vaping has seen a steady decrease in the number of “real” cigarettes smoked.

At first I smoked 10 real ones per day, then 8 then 5 or 6, the last few days have been 4, 4, 2 yesterday and so far today none…

One of the first habits broken was the “Have A Cigarette Soon As I Rolled Out Of Bed In The Morning”. I was surprised that even in the first week I was able to break this habit with a 1st smoke being put off for a minimum 2 hours from rising.

The urge to have a “real smoke” is still present and rears its head from time to time however it is not nearly so strong as I imagined it would be, no doubt because I am vaping a 6 mg. Nicotine solution. This is on the low end of nicotine content, you can go as high as 24 mg. nicotine content in the product line I use.

The money saved on smokes has already paid for the vaping gear investment and more.

Yes I feel better.

Update: OK it does appear I have developed edema, never had it before but for the last few days my feet have looked like something out of a cartoon, but less charming.

Water retention? Who knew.

my right foot

Gratuitous Photo Of Scantily Clad Vaping Aficionado

Gratuitous Photo Of Scantily Clad Vaping Aficionado