The movie so toxic it killed John Wayne

Towards the end of his life, Howard Hughes – the billionaire tycoon, aviator and filmmaker – had become a recluse.

Locked in the penthouse suite at his Xanadu Princess Resort hotel in the Bahamas, he refused to bathe, cut his nails or hair, use a toilet or even open the curtains. Instead, he would sit for hours in his darkened bedroom, naked except for a pink hotel napkin, eating nothing but chocolate bars and chicken, surrounded by dozens of Kleenex boxes that he continuously stacked and re-arranged.

  • Gary

    Today , Howard could have been a Senator or Liberal MP in Canada. Heck , maybe a SCOC Judge .

    • G

      SCOC Judge!? —– Oh please! Howard wasn’t anywhere near THAT nuts!
      (besides, as far as I know he was a heterosexual male how who knew how to do USEFUL things, like build airplanes & run a business – that automatically excludes him from law school).

  • John

    That radiation probably killed Agnes Moorehead as well as Joan Blondell. Moorehead had a major role in the film, whereas Blondell was married to D. Powell, the director, and she often visited the set.
    Moorehead died of uterine cancer and Blondell of leukemia.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Oh heck browse it seems almost everyone who ever worked in Hollywood up to the 1950’s died young from cancer, alcoholism, drugs, suicide.

  • quovadis2014

    The real Howard Hughes faked his own death and actually live in Alabama until the 1990s. The character who lived as a recluse in the Bahamas was a drug addict/bum who they paid with, duh, free drugs to live as a recluse in the Bahamas.

    You can listen to the author of the book that exposed the true story of Howard Hughes here:

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Howard Hughes left his fortune to a foundation that funds medical research. The Hughes Institute has made notable contributions to science, including stem cell research at a time when politics prevented public institutions from carrying it out and has employed and generated Nobel Prizewinners. That sort of philanthropy is not the behavior of a lunatic.

  • Everyone Else

    interesting off-beat topic