Steyn: “Stay Quiet and You’ll Be Okay”

As we mentioned a week ago, I’m none too well at the moment, and it so happens my preferred position in which to write causes me severe pain – which is presumably some kind of not so subtle literary criticism from the Almighty. But I’m back, more or less, with lots to catch up on. There were two big elections in recent days, with dramatic results: in Alberta, the Tories were wiped out; in Scotland, the Labour Party was slaughtered; in England, the Liberals were crushed. Strange times.

I’ll have more to say about the elections in the days ahead, but for now let me offer a whole-hearted good riddance to Ed Miliband, the now departed Labour leader who, in a desperate last-minute pander, offered to “outlaw Islamophobia“. That was the British political establishment’s contribution to a rough couple of weeks for free speech, culminating in the attempted mass murder in Garland, Texas.

  • Kaye

    “Why would you expect people who see nothing wrong with destroying a mom’n’pop bakery over its antipathy to gay wedding cakes to have any philosophical commitment to diversity of opinion? And once you no longer have any philosophical commitment to it it’s easy to see it the way Miliband and Cotler do – as a rusty cog in the societal machinery that can be shaved and sliced millimeter by millimeter.” (Steyn)
    It’s becoming all too apparent that a good chunk of our society sees no value in “diversity of opinion” and consequently, the right to express those opinions (free speech). And so freedom is being lost.
    It’s of course bitterly ironic that many of these folk who have no time for diversity of opinion (on climate change, gay marriage, islam, etc.) tend to be the ones who drone on about the wonders of a diverse and multicultural society. But the only diversity that truly matters, diversity of thought, is anathema to them.

    • Multiculturalism is about control, about divide and conquer politics and labeling dissent as racist.

      • What’s funny about political multiculturalism is that, like “art”, it speaks to a select few. Someone like Ondaatje can drawl on about the Sri Lankan experience in Toronto but that doesn’t mean anything to anyone else in the “multicultural mosaic”.

        The “shut up” crowd should be called out for the cowards that they are.