Rachel Notley, Alberta premier-designate, says new government ‘reflects diversity’

Thomas Dang, age 20, was elected to represent Edmonton-South West. The NDPer unseated the Progressive Conservative incumbent.

Alberta premier-designate Rachel Notley, whose NDP toppled the 44-year Progressive Conservative dynasty earlier this week, says the province now has a government that reflects its citizens…

…”Over the years, our province has changed. Today, we are the youngest province in the country. Together in Alberta, we are diverse, and we are welcoming and we are proud to be Albertans,” she Saturday.

“And now, Albertans actually have a government that reflects that diversity.”

She noted that her newly elected party includes 24 women as MLAs, which more closely matches the gender makeup of the province. The NDP candidates are also younger, she said, and have backgrounds that better reflect Albertans…